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Hello there! (again)


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Hello garrison!

I'm Leandro from Argentina, I joined the forum a couple of years ago (probably 3 or 4) and went to my first event at the RDS Hall as a handler (I think it was a comic con or something similar) and I fell in love with you guys, such an amazing group of people. Unfortunately life happened and I had to leave aside my project of having an approved armor until now (hopefully 😅) so here I'm back in business.

Last year I got my first 3D printer and then another one, and another one and now I have my own virtual little shop on Etsy, so after printing things for other peolple I decided is time now to print my own armor. I have some Shoretrooper parts (that was my first project) but now I got access to an Imperial Knight armor and I'm totally in love with the idea...

Sorry for the long post! I'm really happy to join yous again and I hope to be trooping with you guys soon.

Long live the Empire!

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Great to see you back on the forums, Leandro. I remember chatting to you at the comic con in the RDS.

Imperial kights... yes.

Your emperor approves.




TK/TI/TX/DZ/SL 18170 -  Shane Murphy [Dropkick]
Galactic Academy Endor Campus
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