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Below are come Guidelines that should be adhered to while using the Forums:



Please extend respect to others. Discussion and debate may lead to heated disagreement; approach them in a civil manner, showing respect for the other person's point of view.

  • Avoid personal attacks
  • Avoid flaming, trolling or baiting which includes, but is not limited to creating content with the intent to disrupt.
  • Avoid hijacking threads. This includes making repetitive dissenting remarks that disrupt the purpose of the thread.
  • Avoid harassing or making any type of threat, implied or expressed, including physical threats, or legal threats.
  • Be cautious to not misrepresent or besmirch the reputation of any individual, group, site, or company.
  • No cryptic posts. Using cryptic messages to "skirt" the rules is not permitted.
  • Be helpful with your posts & remember, we were all newbies. do not tell newbies to "Google it". They are here for our help


Pornography/Nudity/Sexually Explicit Content and Obscene/Disturbing Content

In keeping with the professional tone of the site and to maintain an atmosphere of good taste, please do not post/link/request any of the above. This policy extends beyond overtly pornographic and/or sexually explicit content and includes sexually suggestive, crude or vulgar content.



Please refrain from content which discriminates, promotes or incites hatred/violence against any member of a particular ethnic/national origin, culture, ideological/religious belief, age, gender, or sexual orientation.



Please refrain from spamming which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Starting repeat threads on the same subject
  • Posting nonsensical content
  • “Flooding” the site with similar content
  • “Free” posting
  • Advertising/Selling outside the sales area
  • Distributing fraudulent schemes (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)
  • You may not harvest email addresses from our forums for any purpose


Illicit Information/Content

Please refrain from posting/linking/requesting pirated content, or paid subscription content.


Social media & The 501st, RL, RII Name

In regards to social media, be mindful not to besmirch the 501st, Rebel Legion, Reel Icon Ireland or any other clubs/companies . Social Media defamatory comments have been, & can be used in disciplinary procedures.


Disciplinary procedures

If a forum member does not adhere to the rules & guidelines they will be issued a warning via PM in which the rule or guideline which they have broken is quoted. The warning will be issued along with the moderation of the post. The warning will count as the 1st warning. Examples of warnings which should go via PM are "slip of the tongue" kind of transgressions.
If the offence is considered a bigger one a public warning may be issued at once.

Subsequent warnings will result in:

  • 2nd warning = 1 - 4 weeks suspension from the forum (Not the legion)
  • 3rd warning = 4 -8 weeks suspension from the forum (Not the legion)
  • 4th warning = If the member is a legion member a hearing is called for "conduct unbecoming a trooper" and/or Legion disciplinary action.

If the forum member is not a member of the legion there will be a suspension of no less than 3 months. Depending on the offence it may be necessary for a lifetime ban.



If an CS wishes to deal out a warning due to a members inappropriate behaviour or breach of IG rules it should first be done verbally and out of sight. This will equal that of a pm on the forum. If the warning is not heeded the member should be warned again and informed that it has led to a formal warning . The warning has to be registered with the Command Staff , who then review it and give their verdict. The result of the verdict will be delegated to both parties.
Depending of the severity of the offence the CS may be able to skip a tier and issue a harder disciplinary action. Extreme posts/actions may result in a month’s suspension directly even if it was a first offence.

Warnings are not indefinite. After 1 year a warning expires. So if a member has 2 warnings; after 1 year counting from the end of the 1 week suspension, the member is down to 1 warning. Another warning will result in yet another week of suspension. Obvious abuse of the system will result in an additional warning and/or Legion disciplinary action depending on if the forum user is a legionnaire or not.

The warnings are tracked & logged in the CS forum.

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