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  3. Hi Robert and welcome on our forum. To progress with your international membership request would you please send me a private message on 501st.com forum (my forum name there is Xadras).
  4. Hello to my Brothers and Sisters from the Ireland Garrison, My name is Robert or Greyjedimasterfrosh, I am coming to from the SCG in Sydney Australia. I am politely requesting access to your ranks on the Bridge off a Star Destroyer and in the hanger bay with the other pilots. Kind regards Robert
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  6. Thanks team! I've now completed my cross country drive from California to Boston, so in two weeks I'll be headed your way. Once I arrive and am settled I'll start the transfer process, and hopefully before too long be able to meet you all!
  7. Hi Sam, Welcome on our forum. I just set you as international member here so that you are able to access more and join events. As Shane mentioned you should consider moving your membership under our base/garrison. When the moving process will complete i can give you more access here as well. If you have any question or need anything don't hesitate asking anyone here.
  8. Hi Sam, Welcome to the forums. That's great news. We look forward to seeing you troop alongside us later in the year [COVID permitting, of course]. As far as I know, you'll need to get your CO or XO to arrange the transfer within the legion of your TK ID from New Zealand to ourselves. I presume something similar will need to be done on the RL side for your clone. It would be great to have another tusken to go with the growing amount of jawas that we have here.
  9. Hi team, I'm currently an international dual member from New Zealand, but from early November I'll be calling Dublin home for the next few years. If you could bump my access it would be appreciated, cant wait to troop with you all - whenever that may be. My current costumes are Clone Sergeant Boomer and the obligatory TK. I'm working on a Tusken and a Sandy at the moment as well. All the best, Sam
  10. Try signing out then back in Kev, let me know if that works?
  11. Hi, can’t see the merch section so hoping this might trigger it. Thanks, Kevin.
  12. that's good to know and i don't mind travelling to meet those fellow members
  13. I suppose the nearest garrison members to yourself would be based in Navan, Drogheda, Galway & Dublin.
  14. Good to see you, bro. Fashionably late as always you mad yoke lol
  15. You took awhile bro ????
  16. Hello Conor and welcome to the forums. Plenty of members on hand here to point you in the right direction if your building Clone armour????????
  17. Hi Conor & welcome to the forums. Where are you based? There might be a few troopers close to you. I'm sure you've checked out the close troopers CRL pages on the legion website - https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CTN_CRL
  18. Welcome to the forum Conor...the good thing about Clone Troopers is that they can be cleared with both 501st and Rebel Legion. If you need any suggestion here we have some who have experience in building, they could advice in case...
  19. My name is Conor. I also go by the name Clone C if you want to call me that. i'm 22 and i love the 212th attack battalion and 501st Legion. i would call myself a star wars nerd but i'm contemplating if i should buy a phase 2 212th Clone Trooper Armor or make one myself with a blaster
  20. About bloody time, dude! ???? Glad to see you here, Jakub
  21. Great to see you here Jakub ????
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