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  2. I'll do my best to be in either Kilkenny or Limerick!
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    Can you sign me up as FOTK/TK. Please Alan (Debrun Fel)
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    Did someone say Death trooper? I really hope I'll be able to make this one.
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    Signing up costume to be confirmed probably test run space marine or bring out the death trooper.
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    Signing up , costume to be confirmed
  8. I’ll be in Kilkenny the night of the 25th. I will be at Kyteler’s Inn for sure. That’s the only time I’ll have in Kilkenny. We drive to Limerick the 26th.
  9. Exciting times! Hope you have a good one Checking if you're still planning to stop in Kilkenny during your trip? I'll probably be there for work on the 24th and could swing by!
  10. Ok troopers. I’m only a month out from my trip. I’d love to meet folks in Limerick on the 26th or 27th of February. Then I’m up to Sligo for a couple of days. I’ll be using WhatsApp for sure but I might have cell phone service as well. Please let me know if you can say hello. I’ll have schwag just in case. : ) Hope to see some of you. Slainté
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    Signing up as tk
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    Ill be john hammond and possibly palpatine Fair play dave. Legend. See you all tomorrow.
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    Small edit - brother will be joining us as photographer/ crew
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    Have to sign down too I'm afraid. Still recovering from the flu. Not up for a full days antics unfortunately..... Have fun guys
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    With Sylvester Mc Coy being one of the guests, so you want to bring a Doctor with you? I'll try to fit the Ood in the car too.
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    Thanks a mill, Dave. I'm planning to be there as close to 8 as I can & I'll bring as much PR gear as I can sqeeze in the car without crushing Jamie & Sean too much. Note to self -> Must get to bed early tonight.
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    Sabine, TI and Catwoman for Sunday for me, thanks.
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    Good Morning everyone. I just wanted to give you an update on Mega Con this weekend. Trying to get info out of them is a bit like trying to pull teeth. They sent a generic email to all traders going to the RDS this weekend and they included us in that email. The email had lots of details about arrival times/car parking etc. There was an ID form included which needed to be signed by each trader which included a signature to say that you had public liability insurance up to 250K. I had to go back to them to advise that the 501st did not have public liability insurance. To cut a long story short, that is all sorted now this morning. Parking: Enter the complex via Anglesea Road Gate and make your way to Simmons Court. The car park is directly opposite the Simmonscourt hall. Time: You can arrive at any time from 8am onwards. The show starts at 9am The guys front of house at the desk know the 501st are coming and will advise us where to go. I have attached a QR code that you can present at the desk. Im advised you wont need it, but just in case. We have had hassle before going into the car park but Aleshia guarantees me there wont be an issue. Even still, Ive asked for a phone number in case there are any problems. As soon as I get it, I'll post it here. Im there on Saturday with Kyle so Im looking forward to seeing you all again Dave
  19. So! I obviously did not make it to Ireland this past September (stupid adulting and budgeting...), but I AM still planning to come, I promise! The plan now is for September of this year. If all goes according to plan, I should be arriving in Dublin September 1st, leaving for the tour on the 3rd, and then back in Dublin on the 12th, flying out on the 15th (or 17th, depending on budget...). When we get closer to September and I can confirm I'll be there for real this time, I'll post up the tour itinerary so I can make plans around the country to see all my fellow troopers! =D
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    sorry all cant make it either..life gets in the way unfortunately..have a good one see ye
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    Really sorry for the late notice, but I have to stand down from this one Dave. We're still dealing with the family situation and it's just come a bit too soon. I hope you all have a great couple of days and looking forward to catching up soon.
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    Signing up costume to be decided
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    Signing up myself (multiple costumes), Tina - X-Wing & Jawa, cadets Hazel, Conor and Lily
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    Signing up with the TK
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    Signing up. Costume TBA
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