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  3. We're flying out tonight, will be in Dublin tomorrow. If anyone is still interested in meeting up Tuesday night in Dublin, let me know. You can also reach me on FB and Messenger. Here's my FB profile - https://www.facebook.com/mkjava Hope to meet some of you!
  4. Hi Daniel! That would most likely work for us, we're just planning to do some sightseeing around Galway on Friday so pretty flexible. Are you on FB or Messenger, could connect that way later in the week if that works?
  5. Hi guys, I could have a drive up to Galway Friday afternoon if it suited you to have a meet up then?
  6. Last week
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    Yep - the one faving the main road. {I think it's called Merrion Road].
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    So that's the building at the front ?
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    I've checked the Gamerfest website & it appears to the the main RDS building. The same place as the tattoo convention.
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    @Emerald Trooper do you know which building in the RDS we need to go to on Saturday morning? Thanks
  11. Thanks All, sending mail now.
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    Morning guys. Tomorrow I will be PM'ing you all your codes that you will need to gain entry into the RDS on the weekend. If you are there for two days I'll be sending you two codes. Dave
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    Sign me up for Saturday. Biker please
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    Lol will helping both of us by the look of things
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    Can you add Sue for me please to help me kitting up etc
  16. You can email events@501st.ie with details about the event and we can take it from there
  17. We've got a plan now for our Dublin day. We're visiting the library at Trinity College the morning of 30 May, then having lunch and walking around afterwards seeing the sites. I'll be visiting Guinness later in the afternoon before dinner time while my wife and daughter visit shops. Hopefully can connect with folks that evening if anyone is available! Our only thing for sure right now while we're over in Galway the 2nd half of the week is a drive out to the Cliffs of Moher either Thursday or Friday.
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  19. @Emerald Trooper @Xadras can you guys check this? Thanks
  20. Cant seem to access this page http://501st.ie/contact-us all my devices saying its insecure
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    Please sign me up for Saturday as Cody. Thank you. Adrian CC15324
  22. Awesome. Thank you kindly.
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    Signing up both days as tie
  24. Hi Dave, If you'd like some of our troopers attend your event, can you check with @Emerald Trooper at our contacts page - http://501st.ie/contact-us Once the event has been set up on our side, @Emerald Trooper will post the event here & any available troopers will sign up to attend. Thanks
  25. Hello there!! My name is Dave and I run the Sci-Fi Talks events. Just found out about this forum from one of your members. I'm basically trying to get more events going around the country for people who are into film, vintage toys, autographs, costuming, comics, gaming etc.. Like more regular and outside the cities. Also want them to be family oriented so the whole family can go together and all enjoy the events equally. We had Trevor Butterfield over in 2019 and then had Stephen Calcutt booked for March 28th 2020 but we all know what happened there. Just got back on track in April with 2 events with Hugh Spight. And next up is Ian Durrant who played a Stormtrooper in ESB. I'm planning more of these as we speak in different locations and would love to see some of you there. The current focus is on one guest per event and so far they've been geared towards Star Wars but will defo add some variation. Follow the fb for more info on this event and next events facebook.com/scifitalksireland
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    We've done this con for the past two years and its always been a great even. Its a small con but its very well supported and a really great family day. Celtic Con will be having a second con in Portloaise which I'll post separately. There will be a safe and secure place to get changed and there is parking at the back of the town hall. They will also be providing us with a table at the con. EVENT - Celtic Con LOCATION - Newbridge Town Hall DATE -Monday June 5th TIME - 12 - 6pm POC - David Butler COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping:
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    Sign me up please. Biker scout
  28. Welcome Lauren. Hera would be an epic costume to have...... Good luck with the build
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    Signing up as Biker Scout, really enjoyed the day last year
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