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  3. BernieBoy94


    Lovely to meet you all. My name's Bernie. I've been thinking about putting together a Commander Bly outfit from RoTS for a while now and I decided to take the first step. Any tips and trick you veterans have would be most helpful and i look forward to meeting in person when the would fixes itself.
  4. Damok

    Hello (again)

    Hey Dan. Imagine meeting you here thanks for the words of encouragement. Still waiting on the strapping to arrive. Fingers crossed I can finish off the build in the next few weeks. Transporting the TK might be a little easier for me that R2 but I’ll definitely get him out for a troop or two.
  5. TK-Hoth

    Hello (again)

    Very nice Damien....but having worn a TK you cant beat the comfort and control of R2....hopefully you'll be finished soon
  6. until

    Guys and Gals, The really team will be proceeding with a virtual event and are looking to fundraise as much as possible. They are selling candle bags as they normally do and are asking for inventive ways to drive donations as well. They have a website and we will be setting up a team site where donations can be made. Regards, John
  7. Thanks for the add. Not problem at all. Thank you for your time and work
  8. Hi Abilio, welcome to our forum. International access granted. (sorry if it took so long)
  9. Hi Here abilio 30591 from Portugal. Thanks for the add. Can I ask member access?
  10. Hi Micheal welcome back ... If you need any assistance with RI let me know
  11. Thanks...i assigned you member role and invited to RL private section...for RII private section @LordVader will be able to fix that
  12. thats it fixed thank you.
  13. Welcome back Michael! Would you fix your 501st ID...it should be a number (eg mine is 11236....DZ11236) and would you fix your Rebel Legion forum name....it should be the one you use lo login on rebellegion.com
  14. Hello everyone hope you all are doing great through this time of the pandemic. My name is Michael Auld and i used to be on the old forum as Belfast Hawkeye and finaly back again as i took abit of time away from it all. I cant wait to see and get back into action with you all!!
  15. Damok

    Hello (again)

    Thanks Chris (and Shane). That's great. No urgency on them. They can wait until after the lock-down has been lifted.
  16. Wow you are really flying on your build Damien, hopefully your strapping arrives soon. I do the silicone hand guards and have them in stock, I have a sales thread on here will find the link for you though at the moment I am cocooning so cant get to the post office
  17. I know our CO, @welshchris77 produces silicone hand guards, if you'd like to ask him about making a pair for you. Keep up the great work.
  18. Damok

    Hello (again)

    Im in Ashbourne, so not too far away. I managed to finish off most of the remaining pieces on my build -pics above. Just some tidying up left to do until the strapping material arrives in a few weeks and I can get paint for the chest buttons. In the meantime, I plan to move onto my doopy-doo build and install electronics. Im looking at getting rubber hand guards to replace the plastic ones that came with the kit. I’m also thinking of replacing the belt. It’s a bit flimsy. Trooper bay and imperialissue.com seem to be the recommended ‘go to’ places for both. Are there alternatives in Europe that members could recommend? thanks Damien
  19. I love those. Thanks for sharing. #Want Sure I'm only down the road from you in Monasterboice, Co. Louth & I know we also have a member based in Navan.
  20. Damok

    Hello (again)

    Hi Shane Thanks for the welcome. Its good to be back. Im from Dublin and currently living in Meath. I'll post some more pics of the TK build over the coming days. Until you get to see R2 in person, I have one or two videos up on Youtube that your 'inner Jawa' might like. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CH9yo2vuedNEQKYEJbTMg/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 Damien
  21. Hi Damien, Welcome back to the forums. It's great to see you working away on the TK big brown box. I look forward to seeing you at troops, whenever we will be able to attend them. I also love the R2 unit. My inner Jawa would love to have a look at that if you decide to bring it to a troop or a con. What part of the country are you based? We may have troopers nearby that could offer a few pointers whenever we are able to meet up again.
  22. Hi All Thanks for the add to the new forum. I had some posts in the old one over the years but I wasn’t very active. I’m one of the guys that built a full scale, fully metallic, remote controlled and functional R2D2 with lights, sounds, opening panels etc. - see profile pic. Ive had a Anovos TK big brown box sitting in the corner of my room for a few years now. Never had the time to get it built.... until now!!! ive made some good progress in the past week, but after this weekend’s work, I’ll be at a standstill for a week or so while I wait for strapping supplies to arrive from Amazon. The Reviews of the Anovos supplied strapping, although it looks good, doesn’t seem to cut the mustard after a troop or two so best to do it right from the beginning. Anyhow, thanks again for acceptance to the forum and hopefully I can bounce some questions and ideas off you guys as I finish up the TK build. thanks Damien
  23. Hi & welcome. Check on the forums here for any TK build threads & also on http://whitearmor.net for more build threads. Hopefully you'll have your TK done when we can start trooping again.
  24. Cheers Shane, I'm looking forward to getting finished and getting trooping. Anyone's guess what comes first - my costume being finished or these restrictions being lifted! I've already had some great help from some folks over on the Spec Ops forum and found a jumpsuit that wasn't just higher quality than the one I was looking at, but also cheaper!
  25. Hi Daniel. Welcome again. We are always thrilled to see new costumes & the spec ops team, Balor's Wolfhunters, will be thrilled to have a new member.
  26. hi there second time to say hello first time on this forums. hope everyone is well, and keeping safe, still haven't completed my TK as life got busy, bought an old FX kit to practice cutting and doing strapping on.
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