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    I am good for the 13th and 14th as Hux, and I can double as crew if needed. (Also its my birthday on the 15th, so this should be fun times :))
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    The May the 4th Portmagee FB page has started again for this year, so we'd appreciate if everyone with FB can share the posts. May the 4th Portmagee Facebook page
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    lol...signed up twice?
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    Signing up for both days if still space. Shadowtrooper/biker scout
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    Payment received with thanks Shannon
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    I will bring my tie pilot and reserve pilot
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    Hope this picture is okay. If you need a different one please let me know! ID24611
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    I’ll be bringing down Rey. Hopefully next year I’ll have her TROS one cleared
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    This one Dave sorry
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    Nice one , I will be bringing my Tk Dave for now , possible tie aswell Celticrtooper TK91175
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    Cant wait to see thrawn in de flesh...looks.kool as f#ck
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    I'll be bringing my snowtrooper and Thrawn
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    I will be bringing my one and only first order ...tk23020
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    For Rebel Legion costumes, provide the Character Name please
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    I'll bring my shadow scout & jawa. If I get the parts in time, I'll have a 3rd costume too. TX18170, DZ18170
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    I will be bringing my FOTK and First Order major/Colonel, unfortunately I don't have a pic yet of the First Order Major/Colonel costume yet as it will only be getting started next week. TK11256
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    Because you're all going to be getting your own trading cards!
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    I met with the festival directors from Portmagee today and we had a really good meeting. We'll have a program of events ready very shortly. So for those of you who are joining us this year in Portmagee, I need to know what costume(s) you intend on bringing down. On top of that, I need you to post a photo of you in that costume(s). Make sure that its your favourite photo. In other words, the type of photo you would have on a trading card. Along with the photo I need your ID name and number.
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    I'll be at work on the Monday, so sadly won't be able to attend this one. Sorry to have to sign down.
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    Signing down guys.
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    The Tuesday is the Bank Holiday. Not the Monday.....
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    Work scheduling means I can now only do Sunday . Apologies Noel
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