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  2. No problem at all Donie!
  3. sorry lad not gonna happen for us.. mary working fri sat sun as am i..
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    Hello one and all! Less than 4 days to go to our Star Wars Christmas Social call, and I look forward to hearing and seeing (hopefully) as many of you as possible. _____________ If you have not voted yet, please take a moment to vote on your favourite kits of 2023: Who wore it best? https://forms.gle/BR9ahyXb9fvvzj31A Get your best Star Wars and Christmas Bling out for the best dressed trooper! Most Christmassy and Star Wars-y attire And finally, the final competition for the night will be the best Star Wars character impression! HOWEVER, there'll be a special phrase that all contestants must use to be in the chance to win. The phrase will be revealed on the night! _____________ Thanks to Jamie (@Shadow Trooper) for setup of the discord server. The links are live and can be joined at any stage. https://discord.gg/TVDaDdrf Message me on the forums if you wish to test your connection! I look forward to seeing you all there!
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    Last minute change by Seán. Sorry. Just Jamie & myself for this one
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    Cadet Seán will join in the fun tomorrow
  7. Hi Hilmar, unfortunately I had to travel North and won't be able to make it to Dublin while you are here. I shall put a reminder in our group chat that you are here and hopefully some of our members near Dublin can meet you. Enjoy your visit!
  8. Adding Susie my better half who's happy to help out and crew for this one.
  9. might make this keith..will see how goes.see you sunday
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    Signing up for Sunday
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    Will probably bring Palpy & shadow scout
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    Signing up for this one. I'm busy on the Saturday, but will do this one in Dundalk. If it's anything like the Drogheda one, it will be a lovely wee con.
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    I'm happy to accept them all, and make one large, hopefully MASSIVE, donation next week. I can accept them by Revolut or Paypal gift, and all the donations will be added to those from the day, and a lodgement made to DEBRA Ireland next week.
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    So how is that done Keith? How can the donations be kept together?
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    There is no Kerry Branch, it is just the main branch in Dublin, but donations can be made through their website too. However, Susan, who is the lady I have been dealing with is keen that any donations that are made from the event we are running, if they could be kept together so that DEBRA Ireland can get a clear total that we raised through this event alone. Hope that makes sense!
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    Do Dealbra Ireland (Kerry), have a link for donations?
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    Super stuff guys... really appreciate that! Look forward to seeing ye in Tralee!
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    Signing up icons Matt - Mr Grinch Christy - Wolverine
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    As part of this DEBRA Ireland fundraiser, I have just secured a Hamper full of Fragrances and cosmetics for men and women worth €300 for our raffle on the day. Donated by Sam McCauley Chemist in Manor West. Tickets for the Hamper will be €5 each and if anyone here would like to buy a ticket / line, please drop me a pm, and I will put your name down. I am hoping between now and then, I will also secure some more spot prizes for the raffle. I can take entry money by Revolut or Paypal, and 100% of the money will go to DEBRA Ireland. Thanks
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    Signing up Shadow Trooper
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    Dave Gernon is hosting another mini Con, this time in Blackrock Co Louth. Dave tells me that they will have Kenny Lee Mbanefo who played a FO Trooper in The Force Awakens, Mudtrooper in Solo, Prisoner in Andor and also appeared in Rogue One at the event. Once again a safe and secure place to get changed will be provided EVENT - Blackrock/Dundalk Mini Con LOCATION - Blackrock Haggardstown Community Centre, Sandy Lane, Blackrock, Co Louth DATE - Sunday December 3rd TIME - 11am - 5pm POC - Dave Gernon COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave B. Trooping Jamie - Shadow Trooper Shane -TBD Cadet - Sean
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    Sorry to hear Hannah is not feeling well, @HHall. Also, get better soon @Ghostmaker Looking forward to trooping with all that can attend on Saturday and Sunday
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    Hi Val. Hope Hannah is ok! No problem that you both can't make it. Hope Hannah is feeling better soon! Keith
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    Hi guys. Below is a note from Lauren about the weekends event. Hi Dave, This is great news regarding the members coming down. Out first Santa visit is finished for 12 so if the members would be available from after 11.30am to get dressed they will be able to meet the visitors? The day will be finishing up at 4pm. Many thanks again for taking the time for the members to come down and join us. Many thanks, Lauren
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    No problem Todd, family first
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    Standing down. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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