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  2. Welcome! The RS kits look very polished and was sorely tempted to get one during their Black Friday event.
  3. Hi Rick & welcome to the forum. Best of luck with the clearance photos. If you've not suited up yet for the photos, can you also do an action shot along with what Chris has suggested. Thanks a mill.
  4. Hi Rick, Great news on your Scout. If you could send your clearance pictures to gml@501st.ie the lads will look after you, include a front, right side, left side, back and helmet off shoot under good lighting. We look forward to trooping with you soon too Rick
  5. Hi all, Rick here from up in Holywood NI, originally from Yorkshire. Not long received my Scout Trooper gear from RS Propmasters Sent you an email end of September Chris. I have the link for approval and just require what type/angles of pics they need. Thanks guys, look forward to trooping soon when we have some normality again. Rick
  6. Hi there & welcome to the forums. Here's a link on the legion website to all the detachments. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbydetachment Each detachment has a list of costumes. So for example the shadow trooper you mentioned earlier is in the Spec Ops detachment. [I'm slightly biased as I have a shadow scout & am currently building a shadow trooper].
  7. Ah brilliant I'll go take a closer look at the CRLs I shouldve known the Big Brown Box day, I've been living on online shopping Thanks for all the info man, I really appreciate it
  8. Depends on the detachment. When reviewing the CRLs, there are links to the relevant forums. At the top of the CRL, look for detachment, this will then have the link to the relevant forum, it is on the main 501st website, but there are sub forums here too with some good information! All great choices! Some kits have a lot of pieces, hence, when they arrive, they arrive in a big brown box
  9. Thanks a million man! Where are these forums are they here on the Irish 501st or on a seperate site? I looked on the CRLs and love the idea of a classic TK trooper or Tie Pilot reserve Sorry for so many questions but what is Brown Box Day? Cheers
  10. Hello Ryan and welcome! Relatively new myself and only recently decided to start with a TK (Storm Trooper) and am waiting on BBB day (BigBrownBox Day). Definitely take a look at the forums Chris mentioned. There’s an absolutely huge amount of information there, so try not to get bogged down in the granular details to start. Look through the CRLs and think what you’d like and what suits you best and from there, refine your idea. There are also variants of storm trooper / Boba Fett etc based on movie / CRL you apply under - this is the granular detail I mentioned, try not to
  11. Thanks a million for all the info! I'll PM you now
  12. Hello Ryan and welcome to the forum. You have taken your first step into a larger world All those costumes you mentioned are fantastic choices, the first thing you need to do is settle on which one you want to do. You may or may not be aware that some costumes can cost more than others so this may influence your choice, you have definitely come to the right place though as you will get lots of advice and tips from our staff and members. As per 501st rules we cannot recommend one vendor over another on public areas of our forum but when you choose which costume you want, we
  13. Thank you for the info Do you have any idea where I could find a kit? This is all new to me
  14. Hi Ryan and welcome on our forum! I'm not an expert on the costumes you mentioned but for the scout and the trooper the first step would be buying a kit out of which you can build your armour...then just follow the guidelines on the costume standards (here for the costumes you mentioned https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbyname as they are all imperials it would fall under 501st) for all the other details
  15. Hey Everyone, Ryan here from Dublin Ireland I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan and always wanted to try out costuming as a kid but never knew where to start, now being 24 I've found the 501st and Rebel Legion so hopefully I can start costuming soon I have no idea on where to start with building costumes but there is a few I'd love to do -Boba Fett or Jango Fett -Biker Scout -Stormtrooper -Shadow Trooper If anyone could offer me any tips on how to get started or which would be best for a beginner I would really love to hear from you! Many thank
  16. Great to see you on the way with your ANH TK build. You can't go wrong with one of the kits from Ross. I'm working on one of his kits for a shadow trooper at the moment. Keep us updated on how things are going with the build & we look forward to seeing you cleared for duty & trooping with us as soon as it's safe.
  17. So after much deliberation, I have finally started on the path towards ANH TK Build post setup, and somewhat patiently waiting for the kit https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50439-anh-tk-build-ireland/?tab=comments#comment-708804
  18. Hi Robert and welcome on our forum. To progress with your international membership request would you please send me a private message on 501st.com forum (my forum name there is Xadras).
  19. Hello to my Brothers and Sisters from the Ireland Garrison, My name is Robert or Greyjedimasterfrosh, I am coming to from the SCG in Sydney Australia. I am politely requesting access to your ranks on the Bridge off a Star Destroyer and in the hanger bay with the other pilots. Kind regards Robert
  20. Thanks team! I've now completed my cross country drive from California to Boston, so in two weeks I'll be headed your way. Once I arrive and am settled I'll start the transfer process, and hopefully before too long be able to meet you all!
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