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    No problem Aidan
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    No problem Siobhan
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    Hi Ceallach. A place has become available. Do you want to take it?
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    I’m signing down as I’ll be in the UK visiting my family. Have an amazing time
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    Probably better given I'd have the ears burnt off you with TK related questions
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    fim going to drop down to a maybe for this. ive just realised ive a wedding the day before. so i cant gaurantee ill be in any fit state to beathe my own air inside a helmet how can i switch my rsvp so i can give someone else my place if needed???
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    Crew if needed
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    OK guys, we have 10 up until Lisa's sign up. For those unsure if you're 100%, please let us know as soon as you can. If you can't go we'll give your slot to the next person who would be a definite sign up. That would be Ceallach if she could definitely go. If anyone wants to put their name down, please do so and you'll be on the standby list. I'll chat to Jamie later about numbers to see if anything can be done. The main thing is safety and compliance. We may be able to stagger getting changed.
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    Y'all can put me down as a maybe. I usually volunteer cleaning churches on Sunday. I will have to see of the rest of the cleaning crew can sppare me.
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    Signing up. Very excited for my first troop as a Tie!
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    Rey pending on travel
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    Hey guys. Unfortunately lockdown weight still hasn't been shed, so I don't think tk gear will fit still. I will try it on later and if not, maybe I could try and attend as crew / photographer? Will confirm with u asap. Cheers.
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    Cadet Jawa Seán is available for the afternoon.
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    Another local troop for me. I could get used to this. Shadow scout signing up.
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    Signing up - shocktrooper Noel
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    I can attend this. Sign me up as TK. Yippee a troop!
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    Put me down for tie, and maybe a hero costume if I still fit in them...
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    If a lift is possible, I can do it snowtrooper but only if a lift is available ..... sorry
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    Sign me up as Kylo Ren. I'll be there to crew as well.
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    The guys from Milmount Museum have asked if we could participate in a Family Fun Day which will be held outdoors. Jamie is very familiar with all the guys there. Jamie reckons we should cap this at 10. There will be plenty of room to get changed and social distance and the event will take place outdoors. It's our second troop this year which is great sign of things to come. With regard to track and trace, there will be no need for me to take names and addresses. I'll be there on the day so I'll be the lead name. If the HSE do contact me, then I can contact troopers who attended. When signing up please advise what costume you are bringing EVENT - Milmount Museum Fun Day - Eircode A92 VFH3 LOCATION - Millmount, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth DATE -Sunday August 15th TIME - Ready to troop at 2pm - Finish at 5pm POC - Jamie Kenny COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping Dave - Boba Fett Jamie - Kylo Ren Shane H - TK Christy - Snowie (lift dependent) Noel - Shocktrooper Shane - Shadow Scout Sean - Jawa Lisa - Tie Pilot
  24. i’m not too bad with them to be honest. they did come loose in transit so i’ll have to properly attach them but i think i’m alright with them! i do just need to add a bit more padding so my eyes actually line up with the lenses, but i should be grand with them!
  25. Was interesting and enjoyable - whens the next one
  26. Just got Ed's from Shane. Just need Jamies, Aidans and Ceallachs now.
  27. I hope you all enjoyed the troop yesterday. Ceallach, Ed, Aidan and Jamie. Can you PM me your home addresses. I have everyone else's. I have to keep a record purely for contact tracing purposes. We'll be doing this for all troops moving forward.
  28. Both are fine. I found the vision in my bubble lenses was terrible, so I changed them. It's a personal preference tbh.
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