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    Dan lols ... ha ha absolutely.. hope you get better soon brother @tipperaryred OK Spiderman confirmed and on route Warmachine punisher on route too which means I'll drop my war machine and do moonknight @kingdom.trooper List updated
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    Matt be like, "Keith, on your left..." *Cue orange portals opening everywhere* Great work folks, and have a brilliant troop today!
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    Feel better Dan! We'll miss you!
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    Holy shitballs Matt!!!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!!! Honestly dude, this is fantastic news!!!! Thanks a mill... Delighted to have you all on board!!!!
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    No worries at all George... family first dude!!!
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    List ammendment made
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    Really sorry about this but with my Daughter and Son-in-Law moved back in with us the last few days I have to make a lot of room to store their stuff .
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    Reel icons attending Warmachine (bringing the rain) Black widow Awaiting captain america and iron-man and Spiderman to confirm Mini Icons deadpool Endor campus : wicket (ewok)
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    No worries George!
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    No worries Dan... you look after yourself and get better soon.
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    Sorry to add to the casualties, but I'm laid up in bed with a respiratory virus and have been since Wednesday. Even if by a miracle I was better by tomorrow, I'd have to assume I was still contagious, and me attending wouldn't be fair on the rest of you. Gutted to be missing this one...
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    Unfortunately guys I am going to have to sign down as I have a load of work to do at home this weekend , complete man shed clear out that badly needs to be done .
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    Unfortunately, Jamie will not be able to make Saturday's troop, so at this time, here are the names as of today: Keith : ANH TK George : Costume TBC Christy : Snowie or Tankie Dan : Del Meeko (plus or minus wisdom teeth) Todd : ESB TK Andi : Imperial Officer (Attendance TBC) Shane : Shadow Scout (Not Vader) Sean : Snowie (Attendance TBC) So we have room for one more trooper if anyone else wants to sign up.
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    Still don't actually know! I know I have to be there in the hospital, but no one has actually told me yet whether it's just another consultation or if they're actually getting around to removing my wisdom teeth. It will be a fun surprise
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    Thanks Dan! Is the extraction still going ahead on Thursday?
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    Cheers Keith. So long as I'm not in agonising dental pain, I'll aim to get there early for some breakfast!
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    Hi folks. Just an update on next Saturday. I have just spoken to Sarah, one of the duty managers, and she has confirmed the use of the management suite / boardroom, for us to change in. There is an information desk on Level 2, and Sarah said that if we go there, they will direct us to the management suite. The manager on duty on Saturday will be a guy named Brian, and Sarah said he will look after us. I was also asked to cap the numbers in attendance... so with the people who have signed up for the troop, that number is spot on, so we won't be signing up any else for the troop. I will be there early, and I will have sussed out the room, and where the car is being raffled etc. If anyone wants to meet up pre-troop for a coffee or some breakfast, that would be great! I am not familiar with the shopping centre so if anyone has any suggestions? If you need to contact me at any stage on Saturday morning, my number is 086 8354059. So, in a nutshell... Meet approx 11am, ready to troop at midday. If people want to meet earlier for coffee / brekkie, we can meet at 10am? Troop can finish at 3pm, but we are under no obligation to stay until that time. Whatever you feel like doing yourself. Thanks folks! Looking forward to trooping with you guys on Saturday! The Kegster
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    I think we all had an enjoyable troop yesterday, and I think we will probably all agree that 9-12 was wrong timing. If Smyths ever come back to us to do store appearances, maybe 11-2 might be a better time, which could be suggester to them. Most stores were dead between 9 and 10.30 yesterday morning...
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    Unfortunately, I am not able to update the post with who is trooping, so here is the list so far. Really hope we get a few more on board too... it would be great to have a show of force there! Keith : TK or Kylo George : TBA Christy : Snowie or Tankie Dan : Del Meeko (plus or minus some teeth) Jamie : Shadow or Tie Pilot or Kylo Todd : TK Andi : Imperial Officer (TBC) Shane : Not Vader Sean : Snowie (TBC) Thanks a mill guys, and will keep you all updated with any info that you may need. I spoke to Katy and they did not get any free car parking passes, so I doubt we will get any either. But will keep you all posted. Thanks again! Keith
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    Absolutely brilliant Shane and Sean... Thanks a mill, and looking forward to trooping with ye again!
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    Signing up as Shadow Scout & hopefully Seán as Snowie.
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    Definitely can't make this 2 moro guys ... I'm afraid Also font hill is liffey valley not jervis lol
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    ah grand. it doesn't take me too long to get kitted up anyways, shouldn't have to arrive too much earlier
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    Think it's ready to troop for 9am
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    i wont be there in cossie at 9.. i live like an hour and a half away..ill be there for 9 and ready for half past i reckon,..my good wife is crewing will help with pics etc.
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