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  2. Can’t wait to go to a meet once real life events are back up and running ! (Also, love the Harley cosplay ! Massive DC fan myself!)
  3. Welcome! The gang are some of the warmest, friendliest people ever - regardless of your having a Star Wars build yet or not. You'll get on well :3 Hope to see you at meets when we finally return to real life events
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  5. Is it too late to sign up? If not, Shadow Scout signing up
  6. Here is the link for this evening May the 4th Be With You Festival Zoom is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: 501st Troop Time: Apr 3, 2021 06:00 PM Dublin Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84276952898?pwd=eDJkR3orQkxIOVh3WHVaSVE5bHhkdz09 Meeting ID: 842 7695 2898 Passcode: 133120 One tap mobile +35316533898,,84276952898#,,,,*133120# Ireland +35361639031,,84276952898#,,,,*133120# Ireland Dial by your location +353 1 653 3898 Ireland +353 6 163 9031 Ireland +353 1 240 8941 Ireland +353 1 536 9320
  7. Oops, I was supposed to DM. Doh!
  8. I'll TI. My email is vampyrenikitty@googlemail.com
  9. Hi Lisa, as a member who only cleared back in December I can assure you that you'll be made to feel very welcome here! Looking forward to seeing your work - more pilots are always needed!
  10. What kind of a background do we need to have behind us? Do you need a plain wall, or does it matter?
  11. Dont forget guys, I need all your email addresses if you're trooping. Just PM them to me. Dave
  12. TK-20119 reporting in
  13. Count me in as Hux.
  14. signing up as Scout.
  15. Not sure if I will be home in time for this as I have film rehearsals this Saturday at 2pm in Dublin as because of Good Friday it was moved to Saturday, if I get home in time I will try and get on
  16. Sign me up as Rey! I can’t wait to get back in my Rey buns! Does it have to be a plain background or?
  17. Signing on for this call as tk
  18. I'm in Dave. TK51769 reporting for duty!
  19. You make the decison Alan. Up to you mate
  20. Snowy signing up
  21. Do you want tie pilot or corran horn
  22. Count me in. I'll kit up as shadow scout.
  23. In preparation for the May the 4th Festival I am organising a practice virtual troop this Saturday at 6pm. I realise its Easter Saturday but the quicker I can get this done the better. I am looking for as many troopers I can get from 501st & RL to go onto a Zoom call in costume. It doesnt have to be full costume becuase I want you sitting down and not standing up, so half a costume is fine. We will record all the images on the screen. It doesnt matter if you're talking or laughing, it will all be changed in the edit. I'd love to see a screen full of costumes. Also, if anyone has acc
  24. Welcome Lisa...great choice...looking forward seeing your costume once ready and then we can talk about joining the good side as well
  25. Welcome! Great choices
  26. Hi Lisa and Welcome,, Great Choice Tie Pilot, Rob
  27. Welcome Lisa to the forums. It will be great to have another pilot in the ranks. Make sure you follow us on all our social media & why not reach out to us on FB. We do some zoom calls every now & again & it's a nice way to meet the rest of us mad bunch while troops are on hold.
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