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  2. hey alice, and welcome. we always need more rebels to hunt down
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    GrandPalpy approves.
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    Sign me up as Rey for the Saturday!
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    Hope it isn't too late to sign up... I should be able to make it as crew / photographer.... or if possible, TK
  8. Welcome Alice, looking forward to trooping with you!
  9. Hi Alice! I can’t wait to troop with you!
  10. Hi Alice & welcome to our forums. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events. What RL costumes do you have with you?
  11. Benvenuta on our forum! I'll update your rank to international member so that you'll be able to see and apply for the upcoming events.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm Alice and I'm part of the Rebel Legion Italian Base. I've recently moved to Dublin to study at Trinity as a postgrad and I'd like to take part in the events you organise here. I'm really looking forward to sharing my Star Wars passion and anything related to it with other people, real people, which seems a sort of an unusual thing after one year and a half of pandemic. Besides Star Wars, I also love Tolkien (I have four Tolkienian cosplays), larping and roleplaying Lovecraft. Really looking forward to meeting you all!!! Alice
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    My eldest turns 21 on that day, so I won't be able to attend this event. Sorry folks.
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    Hey Jamie. Hope all is well dude. Just wondering if you would be able to drop me a pm. I have a couple of questions about the Kylo hood. Cheers!
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    Can do this but really dependent on lift ? Costume : Imperial Officer or First Order Officer
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    Signing up as Kylo Ren and Spiderman.
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    The family and friends of Zak Moran have been in touch with us again. They are organising another fund raiser for Zak on October in Navan at O'Mahoneys GAA Club. They would be delighted if we could make it along again. It starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm but they don't expect us to be putting in 5 hours. Zak is getting chemo at the moment and seems to be responding well. He might be able to attend the event himself depending how well he feels on the day. EVENT - Zak Rocks Fund Raiser - Football Blitz and Fun Day LOCATION - O'Mahoneys GAA Club DATE -Saturday October 30th TIME - 10am to 3pm POC - Blaithin Carroll COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping Jamie - Kylo Ren and Spidie George - Imperial Officer or First Order Officer (pending lift)
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    Would it be OK to pop in on this as crew with my daughter for a couple of hours on the Sat? Looks like the perfect opportunity to ease in and reintroduce myself to the Legion
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  20. Hey Emerald! That's some badass suits!
  21. To be clearer, I can confirm that I *will* be attending tomorrow. Just read that first post back and it didn't read as clear as that
  22. Can confirm attendance tomorrow, though I might have to leave before it finishes.
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    Work & family always come first, Keith. No apology needed, brother.
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    Apologies Dave, and everyone else... but I will have to step down from this event. Work and family commitments have come up, so I can no longer make it. Apologies.
  25. Welcome Todd, looking forward to trooping with you some time in the not too distant future
  26. No won't be able as I have a film screening to attend on Saturday now as it was confirmed on Monday evening. Lol and not doing double troops in same day that's for you younger Troopers lol taking the easy life now
  27. Do both one sat and one Sunday .. or go from firestation Sunday on to Sunday eve for the convention center I think may do the same
  28. No problem
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