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  1. I can bring Del Meeko that day
  2. Greetings Brian! Please do let us know when you have firm dates and locations and we'll do our best to honour our reputation for hospitality!
  3. until

    I can confirm myself for Sunday now
  4. until

    I'll sign up provisional with Del Meeko for Sunday, but have some family events to juggle around. If we run out of tickets before I'm able to confirm, please give the ticket to someone who can definitely make it instead.
  5. until

    That's the place Shane
  6. Ah no, the two of you can't be getting back in the door gone 1am, will be great to see you both in Tullamore anyway. Jamie and I will hold down the fort in Galway, and thanks for the offer to help too Keith! Did someone say that the EG will be joining in too?
  7. I'll head there with Del Meeko after Tullamore troop is wrapped up
  8. If I can get there in time from the Tullamore troop I might be able to bring Del Meeko
  9. until

    Was one of my favourite troops last year, signing up again as Del Meeko
  10. until

    Sign up Del Meeko please!
  11. Hi again Steve, sadly I'm buried with work the next few days, and won't be able to find time for the 4 hour round trip. I'm not sure we have many members around that part of the country at all, but I hope you get to meet at least some of us. Safe travels.
  12. Welcome to the forum, and the country Steven! Like Richard I'm outside of Dublin, but I hope you manage to make contact with some of our local members up there before you leave. Enjoy!
  13. until

    Thanks Dave
  14. until

    Just to clarify, I'll be down from Friday to Monday too. Will try to get down early to be around during the day on Friday.
  15. until

    Thanks a million for all the hard work Dave. I'd be delighted to bring Del Meeko down if accommodation is possible.
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