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  1. Hi Lisa, as a member who only cleared back in December I can assure you that you'll be made to feel very welcome here! Looking forward to seeing your work - more pilots are always needed!
  2. Welcome Richard, that's a great choice and I look forward to seeing how you get on!
  3. Cheers Shane, I'm looking forward to getting finished and getting trooping. Anyone's guess what comes first - my costume being finished or these restrictions being lifted! I've already had some great help from some folks over on the Spec Ops forum and found a jumpsuit that wasn't just higher quality than the one I was looking at, but also cheaper!
  4. Hi all, I joined last summer with high hopes of completing my first 501 build, but was diverted from my task. I got a load of great help from people last year though, and a lot of the work I did then will still be applicable to this new project. This time I'm going to get the job done - I've already outlined my plans over on the Spec Ops board. Glad to be here! Daniel
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