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    It's looking a bit dodgy, which is a shame. As it stands I'd probably have a near 2 hour drive to a park and ride and drag my kit box in on the DART. If I had a lighter kit which was easy to get in to I'd probably still be up for it, but without a decent sized area to get changed in, it's really not sounding practical. A real shame, it's a great cause.
  2. until

    Hi Dave, are the timings above confirmed? Rugby k/o is 1pm so if it's at 3pm we'd be starting just as people are heading home, and by 4pm I'd say the area will nearly be empty. Also, do we know if there's any parking available, or will we have to go with the DART?
  3. That's great Josh. If you can't make the 19th, I could try and meet you all either during your journey from Dublin to Cork or from Cork to Mayo. I'm right in the centre of the country, so could intercept easy enough in a few places on those routes.
  4. Welcome Josh, and I hope that some of us will be around to meet with you all. Will you be driving between each of those destinations? Also, you may have noticed on our calendar that we actually have a troop on 19th November just a way south of Dublin, so if you're down from Belfast in time then you're more than welcome to call in!
  5. until

    Del should be good for the 19th
  6. Great stuff Bradley. Depending on your routes, there's a few good options there. Limerick is only about an hour away from me, and there's a couple of lads down a bit further south who might have a chance of meeting up there too. Failing that, if you're driving from Limerick to Sligo you're going to be crossing through a big part of Galway, which is even closer to me. Finally, most of our troopers are Dublin and the south east, so if you're finishing your trip in that part of the country there's a very good chance that some of our troopers there will be around. Keep us updated, and also be sure to keep an eye on our troop calendar just in case there's an event popping up anywhere that suits you to call in!
  7. until

    Confirming for Del
  8. until

    Ah gutted... Was a great event last year. Fingers crossed they can bring it back again.
  9. until

    I should be able to make this one with Del Meeko
  10. until

    Matt be like, "Keith, on your left..." *Cue orange portals opening everywhere* Great work folks, and have a brilliant troop today!
  11. until

    Sorry to add to the casualties, but I'm laid up in bed with a respiratory virus and have been since Wednesday. Even if by a miracle I was better by tomorrow, I'd have to assume I was still contagious, and me attending wouldn't be fair on the rest of you. Gutted to be missing this one...
  12. until

    Still don't actually know! I know I have to be there in the hospital, but no one has actually told me yet whether it's just another consultation or if they're actually getting around to removing my wisdom teeth. It will be a fun surprise
  13. until

    Cheers Keith. So long as I'm not in agonising dental pain, I'll aim to get there early for some breakfast!
  14. until

    Good stuff Keith, I'll check on the date when it's confirmed and will let you know!
  15. until

    Delighted to sign up Del Meeko. There is a small chance I'll be having 3 wisdom teeth removed two days before then, but otherwise I'll be there!
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