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  1. Would be delighted to troop as Del Meeko and/or Gideon Hask!
  2. Welcome future TK! Great to have more modellers here too.
  3. Welcome to the forums Karl. The Clone detachments in both the 501st and Rebel Legion will certainly be a great help, but I'm sure we also have plenty of clone experience here in the Garrison to steer you towards the best suppliers.
  4. Will be attending as one of my Infernos. Del's shoulder pouch is undergoing some work so I'll be there as Hask if that's not ready in time!
  5. Happy to chat about my Del Meeko and Gideon Hask
  6. Welcome Barry, and congratulations on the choice! One of my own favourites... As you're already on Pathfinders I'm sure you'll find plenty of help there, and don't hesitate to ask here if you've any questions or are looking for local(ish) suppliers for anything. Looking forward to seeing your work - it would be great if you could create a progress thread on our Pathfinders subforum here https://www.irelandlegions.com/forums/index.php?/forum/56-pathfinders-detachment/
  7. Hi Lisa, as a member who only cleared back in December I can assure you that you'll be made to feel very welcome here! Looking forward to seeing your work - more pilots are always needed!
  8. Welcome Richard, that's a great choice and I look forward to seeing how you get on!
  9. Cheers Shane, I'm looking forward to getting finished and getting trooping. Anyone's guess what comes first - my costume being finished or these restrictions being lifted! I've already had some great help from some folks over on the Spec Ops forum and found a jumpsuit that wasn't just higher quality than the one I was looking at, but also cheaper!
  10. Hi all, I joined last summer with high hopes of completing my first 501 build, but was diverted from my task. I got a load of great help from people last year though, and a lot of the work I did then will still be applicable to this new project. This time I'm going to get the job done - I've already outlined my plans over on the Spec Ops board. Glad to be here! Daniel
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