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  1. Hi Hilmar, unfortunately I had to travel North and won't be able to make it to Dublin while you are here. I shall put a reminder in our group chat that you are here and hopefully some of our members near Dublin can meet you. Enjoy your visit!
  2. Excellent. I am hoping to be able to make a trip to Dublin on the 1st. If this is possible, I'll get in touch to see if it suits to meet up.
  3. until

    Del Meeko should be good for Sunday
  4. until

    Del Meeko joining the party
  5. It was a pleasure chatting to you Lucy! Don't worry, we won't tell Andrea about all the gossip you told us about him
  6. It was a pleasure chatting some with you Dan. Looking forward to hopefully meeting up in person some day!
  7. Excellent to hear Hilmir! I am not one of our Dublin based troopers,but I'll see if it is possible to time a day trip to match your dates.
  8. until

    This was a great one two years ago, I'll aim to call in on the way home from Tralee for a bit of trooping.
  9. until

    Inferno 3 signing up
  10. until

    I was hoping to find a way to make this one, but unfortunately I'm going to be tied up with work that weekend. If no one else can make it, please do pass on our thanks for the kind offer of travel expenses Dave. Hopefully they won't be put off extending an invite again if this year is a success - Galway and Offaly libraries have both hosted great troops in recent years, and it would be brilliant to be involved with even more.
  11. until

    Hi there, if you haven't already you'll need to register with the Galactic Academy - @Dropkickshould be able to help with that. Any cadets will also need to be accompanied by a guardian on each troop, but we look forward to providing a warm welcome!
  12. until

    Ah sorry to hear that Dave. We're just heading in there now.
  13. Hi AJ, it's worth noting that on your final full day we do have a series of troops at Smyth's toy stores across the country: You can use the link above to see which stores have member signed up to attend. Might be a great way to meet some of our troops if you're near to one!
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    I can do Athlone with you Dave. Cesca is available to crew.
  15. until

    This was a great one last year, Del Meeko will be there.
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