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  1. Exciting times! Hope you have a good one Checking if you're still planning to stop in Kilkenny during your trip? I'll probably be there for work on the 24th and could swing by!
  2. until

    Small edit - brother will be joining us as photographer/ crew
  3. until

    Signing up for Saturday. TK and Shadow Scout. Potentially, my brother Clifton, could come to take photos - what’s the ticket situation for non-members? @Emerald Trooper He had his own ticket for DCC and planned to attend regardless, but isn’t presently planning to attend MC.
  4. Hello Michael and welcome! Im Richard and one of the Garrison Member Liaison. I’m based in Waterford myself and have a Shadow Scout and ANH Stormtrooper. RSprops is definitely a good one - I’ll drop you a message shortly. Keep an eye on the events calendar also. Great way to meet and greet in person!
  5. until

    Add tk and shadow scout - potentially just Sunday but ideally both days - can confirm closer to the time.
  6. until

    signing up with ANH TK and Shadow Scout
  7. until

    Signing up for Waterford. May have my brother to help crew / take photos.
  8. until

    Hey all - asked in messenger but thought to post here also. My brother will be carpooling with me to Dublin on Saturday. He has his own general admission ticket. Will he have to wait for doors to open or could he come in with me to help with kit boxes etc. He’s meeting his own friends there but won’t be along until opening time. Thoughts @Ghostmaker?
  9. until

    Saturday only: TK and Shadow Scout please
  10. Confirming my usuals - TK / Shadow Scout
  11. TBC, but most likely can attend. Add me as potentially TK / Shadow Scout
  12. Welcome to Ireland! While I’m not based in Dublin myself, a large number of our garrison is. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. until

    Thanks very much for following up on this, but regretfully have committed to conclude a work project early next week which will take some of my time over the weekend. Hope everyone has a blast and takes lots of photos!!! The hype and media coverage of the work we do has been amazing, and definitely look forward to participating in this one next year.
  14. until

    No worries at all! I was very slow having clarity on this one. Next year I’ll definitely be there. Thanks again for all the hard work to get this going and on track!
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