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  1. until

    I should be good for both days. Costume: ANH TK No accommodation needed, based in Waterford. As we’ll be out and about - how would breaks work for those of us in, not so mobile, kits which don’t lend themselves well to... moving
  2. Ah brilliant, thanks very much!
  3. Signing up with a TK, won’t have my blaster finished though, just in case that matters
  4. Welcome Todd, delighted for another TK. One item I completely overlooked was storage and transport until it was mentioned to me. Woodies and Homebase occasionally have large wheeled storage containers which are ideal. I haven’t trooped yet, but I have an aker amp and trooper talk on my phone which work nicely. I’d strongly recommend a fan, although I still need to set mine up!
  5. Welcome to the forums! Very nice to do list - if you have any questions or need any direction on these - feel free to ask. We're a friendly bunch! Where's local for you? I'd recommend the Waterford Comic Book store as my local, however, may be a bit of a journey if you're based in Dublin
  6. Welcome! We're a friendly bunch - any questions - ask away!
  7. Excellent, more stormtroopers, can never have too many! Welcome!
  8. Welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask any questions or if you're unsure how to move forward, let us know. I'm certain someone can point you in the right direction, and definitely let us know how you are progressing! These may also be useful references; https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TC_SS_Denal_realistic https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TC_CW-animated_denal Try to avoid getting caught up looking into the microscopic detail just yet, like the guys said, do your research, take a few moments to look at the forums and go from there. Lots of great resources and if you're stuck or unsure, check in here and we're happy to help.
  9. Confirming I’ll definitely be there as my TK
  10. TK-20119 reporting in
  11. Welcome! Great choices
  12. Welcome! Great choice - definitely take a look at the BHG forums. Lots of info there. And definitely feel free to post or check in with any queries you have. I’m here only a few months and in the process of my first approval. I can confirm - very friendly bunch here
  13. BBB Day arrived and to say I’m delighted is an understatement!
  14. Welcome! The RS kits look very polished and was sorely tempted to get one during their Black Friday event.
  15. Depends on the detachment. When reviewing the CRLs, there are links to the relevant forums. At the top of the CRL, look for detachment, this will then have the link to the relevant forum, it is on the main 501st website, but there are sub forums here too with some good information! All great choices! Some kits have a lot of pieces, hence, when they arrive, they arrive in a big brown box
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