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  1. until

    Thanks very much for following up on this, but regretfully have committed to conclude a work project early next week which will take some of my time over the weekend. Hope everyone has a blast and takes lots of photos!!! The hype and media coverage of the work we do has been amazing, and definitely look forward to participating in this one next year.
  2. until

    No worries at all! I was very slow having clarity on this one. Next year I’ll definitely be there. Thanks again for all the hard work to get this going and on track!
  3. until

    As it turns out - work is potentially shifting a few projects and I may be able to make the trip down. Still to be determined though . Is accommodation still available? If yes, and work goes well, I’ll be signing up with ANH TK
  4. Hello and Welcome Fernando! Great to e-meet you and look forward to meeting you in person. We have a number of events coming up, next one being Cosmic Rebels Con, Sunday April 24th, in Enniscorthy, Wexford. It looks to be a well attended event with members from 501st, Rebel Legion and Reel Icons attending. Crew are always greatly appreciated, or even to meet and have a chat with the group. I'm certain some of our Rebel Legion members could assist with sourcing materials etc. although, if similar to 501st kits, most parts may need to be purchased from providers abroad.
  5. until

    Sign me up!
  6. Hello and Welcome! Great to have another Waterford person on here Very friendly bunch, and now that we’re out of lockdown, events are starting to kick back up. As the guys mentioned, no urgency to dive straight into building / commissioning a kit straight away, but when you do, we’re more than happy to provide pointers and advise. Can always do with crew at our events to help support, take awesome photos and help those of us with kits that have limited visibility to, well, see and not bump into things. We have CRC coming up in Enniscorthy so could be a good opportunity to meet and greet in person. I joined with my first kit about a year ago, and hovered around the forums for the bones of 3 or 4 months before kicking that off. Any preferences or favourites?
  7. until

    If space still available - would like to potentially go on Sunday - ANH TK
  8. until

    Down as a maybe right now - should be able to confirm closer. TK and hopefully a 2nd
  9. Welcome! No silly questions here at all. if you have any other queries or anything you’re unsure of, definitely drop a message. More than enough helpful folk here.
  10. until

    ANH TK / Maybe another, will see how I get on
  11. Hello and welcome! Looking forward to seeing more rebel scum at our troops
  12. Bit late to the welcome - however, belated welcome (back!). Definitely keep us updated on how your projects progress and let us know if you need any guidance or pointers!
  13. until

    I should be good for both days. Costume: ANH TK No accommodation needed, based in Waterford. As we’ll be out and about - how would breaks work for those of us in, not so mobile, kits which don’t lend themselves well to... moving
  14. Ah brilliant, thanks very much!
  15. Signing up with a TK, won’t have my blaster finished though, just in case that matters
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