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  1. until

    Signing up for Saturday only with the TK.
  2. until

    Signing up with the TK
  3. until

    Signing up both days in the TK
  4. until

    No worries! Hope you're feeling better and thanks for the consideration. Looking forward to seeing you in the future!
  5. until

    Signed up with the TK
  6. until

    Sorry I need to drop for this one. Aga was called today to cover emergency shifts on Sunday. She finishes at two and she needs the car.
  7. until

    Signing up in the TK for Saturday
  8. until

    Signing up in the TK.
  9. until

    Signing up in the TK with my wife Aga and bringing the cadets as well.
  10. until

    Feel better Dan! We'll miss you!
  11. until

    Going in the TK
  12. until

    Signing up with the TK.
  13. until

    I'll do Carrickmines. Aga my wife will crew and take photos.
  14. If there's space I can join Christy on the train with the TK
  15. I can do it if transport is provided somehow.
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