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  1. until

    Feel better Dan! We'll miss you!
  2. until

    Going in the TK
  3. until

    Signing up with the TK.
  4. until

    I'll do Carrickmines. Aga my wife will crew and take photos.
  5. If there's space I can join Christy on the train with the TK
  6. I can do it if transport is provided somehow.
  7. Hey Brian! Glad to meet you and hope we get a chance to meet up. Do you know where you are staying? Todd (TK-47179)
  8. todlambe

    Dublin Comic Con


    My wife Aga is looking to help crew for Saturday (she has work Sunday). She'll also be looking after my boys who are in the Galactic Academy. Is she safe to come as well? Thanks, Todd
  9. todlambe

    Dublin Comic Con


    TK signing up for both days please.
  10. until

    Signing up with the TK.
  11. until

    Signing up with the TK.
  12. until

    I'll be going down on the Friday and will be there Saturday and Sunday. I'll bring the TK
  13. until

    Signing up for Carrickmines as a TK
  14. Todd Lambert signing up in the TK.
  15. until

    Signing down as well due to high # of cases.
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