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    • 19 April 2020 09:00 AM Until 06:00 PM
      First event to be posted this year.  The Cosmic Rebel Comic Con is always a fantastic event and will once again be held in the Riverside Hotel in Enniscorthy.  A secure and safe changing room will be provided along with refreshments.  The Charity this year is a Collective Sensory Group in Wexford that deals with Autistic children and kids in that spectrum.  This event is open to all four clubs
      If you have an approved costume (and therefore you are an approved Member) you can mark your attendance using the specific button and then please comment indicating which costume will you bring to the event.
      If you are not a member yet and therefore you don't see the specific button to join the event, you can still help out as crew.
      To join as crew simply comment into the event to let us know you would love to help out as crew.
      EVENT - Cosmic Rebel Comic Con
      LOCATION - Riverside Hotel Enniscorthy
      DATE - Sunday April 19th
      TIME - 10am - 7pm
      COSTUMES - 501st, RL, GA, RI
      POC: Ed Doyle
      Dave Boba Fett
      Alan - Tie Pilot
      Tina: X Wing
      Chis - TBA
      Jamie - Shadowtrooper
      Kevin - TK
      Ceallach - General Hux
      Matt - TBA
      Amy - TBA
      Aidan - Captain America/Deadpool
      Andi - TBA
      Tudor - TK
      David - Deadpool/Hellboy
      Kyle - Jawa
      Amber - Rey
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