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    Hi, can’t see the merch section so hoping this might trigger it. Thanks, Kevin.
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    Hey, hey, hey. Jakub here, TS 97711. Finally making an account on the new forums. Only a FEW months late but here I am.
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    Signing up the shadow scout & cadet jawa, Seán.
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    My name is Conor. I also go by the name Clone C if you want to call me that. i'm 22 and i love the 212th attack battalion and 501st Legion. i would call myself a star wars nerd but i'm contemplating if i should buy a phase 2 212th Clone Trooper Armor or make one myself with a blaster
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    that's good to know and i don't mind travelling to meet those fellow members
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    Late to the party but im Going to attempt to attend this troop. Take the gunner out for this.
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    Yeah as far as I know Bus Éireann are only taking less than 20 passengers per bus?
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    I'm also just trooping. (Not staying for the movie, would've been cool, but work next day) I think I might also be affected by reduced bus capacity, hoping for the best
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    If I can make it. I'll just troop. Not staying for the movie
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    Okay just to let you know that there is a limited number allowed on Bus Éireann services so if I can't get a seat then I won't be able to troop, so fingers crossed
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    I will be heading home straight after troop
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    Happy to watch the movie. I'm on my holidays for the next 2 weeks
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    Okay I will be bringing my Imperial Officers Costume tomorrow and facemask lol
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    Depending on the time. I should be okay for this. I'll bring Kylo.
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