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  1. Hi Sam, Welcome to the forums. That's great news. We look forward to seeing you troop alongside us later in the year [COVID permitting, of course]. As far as I know, you'll need to get your CO or XO to arrange the transfer within the legion of your TK ID from New Zealand to ourselves. I presume something similar will need to be done on the RL side for your clone. It would be great to have another tusken to go with the growing amount of jawas that we have here.
  2. I suppose the nearest garrison members to yourself would be based in Navan, Drogheda, Galway & Dublin.
  3. Hi Conor & welcome to the forums. Where are you based? There might be a few troopers close to you. I'm sure you've checked out the close troopers CRL pages on the legion website - https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CTN_CRL
  4. About bloody time, dude! ???? Glad to see you here, Jakub
  5. Happy to watch the movie. I'm on my holidays for the next 2 weeks
  6. Signing up the shadow scout & cadet jawa, Seán.
  7. Nice to meet you again, fellow utinni.
  8. Every costume is cleared as 1st level. There's no need or pressure to go for higher level clearance. That's completely up to every trooper. I have a few costumes & only decided recently to try for level 2 'specialist' for my Shadow Scout. All others are clearance level. Most troopers buy a kit & build. Others own a 3d printer & print the parts. That's up to each trooper. Vac formed ABS has some benefits over printed parts as the ABS is less brittle. Really depends on the costume & trooper's choice.
  9. They sound like great costumes. We have one Boba Fett costume in the garrison, but no Jango or Mandos have been cleared yet. They are a tough enough 1st build, but would look epic. Each costume has a CRL or Costume Reference Library, so for example the classic stormtrooper CRL is https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt The legion is divided into various detachments. Have a look at the detachments list on the legion website - https://www.501st.com/detachments.php Each detachment has their own forum where you can check many build threads from around the world th
  10. Hi there & welcome to the forums. We have a nice bunch of tropers in the south east & we look foward to seeing you at troops whenever we are back up & running. As Andrea asked above, we'd love to know what costume you would like to build. Hopefully there wil be a few members that can point you in the right direction.
  11. Hi John & welcome. We had to scrap the old forum a good while back, so every member had to be set back up again on these new forums. By any chance are you the same John that's part of the Great Jawa Horde?
  12. I know our CO, @welshchris77 produces silicone hand guards, if you'd like to ask him about making a pair for you. Keep up the great work.
  13. I love those. Thanks for sharing. #Want Sure I'm only down the road from you in Monasterboice, Co. Louth & I know we also have a member based in Navan.
  14. Hi Damien, Welcome back to the forums. It's great to see you working away on the TK big brown box. I look forward to seeing you at troops, whenever we will be able to attend them. I also love the R2 unit. My inner Jawa would love to have a look at that if you decide to bring it to a troop or a con. What part of the country are you based? We may have troopers nearby that could offer a few pointers whenever we are able to meet up again.
  15. Hi & welcome. Check on the forums here for any TK build threads & also on http://whitearmor.net for more build threads. Hopefully you'll have your TK done when we can start trooping again.
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