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  1. until

    No drink for me on Friday night in Portmagee, but for this troop, it's worth it.
  2. until

    Is it possible to bring a sleeping bag if someone else wants to join the party? Would that work?
  3. until

    Signing up for Blanchardstown as ShadowScout with cadet Seán as Snowie as Swords is full.
  4. until

    Signing up as Palpy, Shadow Scout & maybe Jawa too. I plan to travel down on the Friday & home on the Monday. Thanks so much Dave for arranging this.
  5. Hi & a big welcome Fernando. A lot of us were at Dublin Comic Con two weeks ago, so you may have met us if you were there. Keep an eye here & our social media to see when we are next at a troop, so you can join us for the day.
  6. Hi & welcome Billy, You've come to the right place alright. We have the cosmic rebels con due in a few weeks in Enniscorthy. Hopefully you will get to have a chat with us on the day.
  7. Feel free to do a WIP [work in progress] forum post with updates of your build. Others here should be able to give some pointers. Our GMLs @Shadowsister & @Ghostmaker might be able to give you some tips / guidelines. Once you have the completed costume, then it's a case of taking clear images of your costume. [Front, back, left, right & an action pose & email them to gml@501st.ie Here's a link to the Sith Lord detachment list of costumes & their CRLs [Costume Reference Librarys] on the main legion website - https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SLD_CRL
  8. Great costume. That involves a ot of face paint. The good thing is the soft parts should be handy enough. Off the top of my head, I don't think we have a Maul in the garrison at the moment. We have a few Vaders, two Kylo Rens, two Palpatines & a Duku in progress. Did you look at the Sith Lord detachment forums yet? https://forum.501stsithlords.com/
  9. Welcome Graham. Great to see you on the forums. Thanks for signing up here. Let us know what costume you'd like to build & I'm sure some of us can point you in the right direction.
  10. until

    Any update on when the side doors open on Saturday morning? I'll be there with all the PR gear that i can fit into my car. If anyone has helmets or props that they would like to be on display, please bring them along. Thanks
  11. until

    Please can you take cadet Seán off the list for both days as he is unable to attend due to a positive covid test.
  12. until

    Both days for myself & cadet Sean please. Myself - Jawa, Palpy, Shadow Scout Sean - Jawa - Snowie
  13. Signing up myself & cadet Sean. Myself [if wet or windy] Shadow Scout. If not maybe Palpy. Sean - Snowie
  14. until

    That's Spec Ops for ya
  15. until

    Would love to see you in that shadow trooper by then. #HintHint
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