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  1. I know our CO, @welshchris77 produces silicone hand guards, if you'd like to ask him about making a pair for you. Keep up the great work.
  2. I love those. Thanks for sharing. #Want Sure I'm only down the road from you in Monasterboice, Co. Louth & I know we also have a member based in Navan.
  3. Hi Damien, Welcome back to the forums. It's great to see you working away on the TK big brown box. I look forward to seeing you at troops, whenever we will be able to attend them. I also love the R2 unit. My inner Jawa would love to have a look at that if you decide to bring it to a troop or a con. What part of the country are you based? We may have troopers nearby that could offer a few pointers whenever we are able to meet up again.
  4. Hi & welcome. Check on the forums here for any TK build threads & also on http://whitearmor.net for more build threads. Hopefully you'll have your TK done when we can start trooping again.
  5. Hi Daniel. Welcome again. We are always thrilled to see new costumes & the spec ops team, Balor's Wolfhunters, will be thrilled to have a new member.
  6. Dropkick

    Hi all!

    Hi Evan & welcome to the forums. Thanks for the decent list of wants in tour introduction. The best advice is to do the costume you want to do the most. After that, it's down to the rough cost of the kit & if it's within your budget. Many costumes come in kit form, so you can buy the kit & cut it to your own size, so it fits you well. Some vendors also offer a kit assembly option, for more money. I see your option 4 is a tie pilot. One thing about this is you can build a tie reserve costume [with no armour] to get you cleared & ready to troop. Then as more funds are saved, you can add to the costume by buying the armour kit or fully made up to make the full tie pilot. Other costumes don't offer this step up option. We have a few scout troopers in the garrison already with a few more currently being built. We also have two of the shadow scouts as another option. The main decision would be down to yourself when you look at your dream costume, whether you buy the cheaper kit & build it yourself or get someone to help you or if you have the budget to buy one fully made. I hope this helps.
  7. until

    Thanks David for all your work on this & all the other events that are now either cancelled or postponed. This gives us even more time to look forward to the next event in Portmagee & Malin head.
  8. until

    Count me in for the August dates. Thanks for the update, Dave
  9. until

    Oops... shock. #FatFingers
  10. until

    No real sock here David. Thanks.
  11. until

    Hi there Lorenzo. Welcome to our forums. Looking forward to trooping with you on St. Patrick's day.
  12. until

    Me please. A nice 'n warm Shadow scout. Also cadet Seán as jawa Thanks for organizing this Dave.
  13. Great costume. Looking forward to trooping with you in the near future
  14. That's great to hear Maddie. I hope to see you at a troop soon.
  15. until

    The May the 4th Portmagee FB page has started again for this year, so we'd appreciate if everyone with FB can share the posts. May the 4th Portmagee Facebook page
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