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  1. Dropkick


    Welcome to the forums. As Richard said, it all depends on where you are living. In Dublin, there's Dublin City Comics, Big Bang Comics & Forbidden Planet - they are the ones I can recall as I don't buy comics myself.
  2. Hi Mark, Welcome to the forums & thanks for the introduction. Check out the 501st legion costume builds, which may give you an idea on what costume you would like to start 1st. https://www.irelandlegions.com/forums/index.php?/forum/21-501st-legion-costume-builds/ The rebel legion costume builds can be seen here... https://www.irelandlegions.com/forums/index.php?/forum/20-rebel-legion-costume-builds/ We also have a Reel Icons secion for any costume that is non Star Wars. We like to cover all the costume options
  3. Keep an eye on the forums & whenever we start having troops again, sign up as a handler (crew) & have a chat with whoever is trooping on the day.
  4. Hi there Ed & welcome to the forums. We always need those white stormtroopers for events [when we get back to them as soon as we can]. I'm from Monasterboice, so not a million miles away. Feel free to ask any questions you may have & we'll do our best to help you. For stormtroopers, the detachment forums are at https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/ Each other detachment has their own forums. - https://www.501st.com/detachments.php Also, this might help - https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbydetachment
  5. Hey Karl & welcome to the forums. The clones are amazing costumes. Quite a difficult 1st build. The Rebel Legion forums are another good source of information for clones. Maybe someone else can give some more guidance on the clones & how to source & build one. The most important part of the build is the research that is needed for a build. Keep us all posted on how you are getting on.
  6. TX18170 signing up. Will troop as either shadow scout [easiest for sitting] or shadow stormtrooper.
  7. Signing up as shadow scout.
  8. Signing up for Shadow Scout & Jawa [if needed]
  9. Hey Barry, Welcome & that's some choice for your costume. It's a beauty alright. Looking forward to seeing your build progress. We'd love to see a build thread with pics. It then helps others who may want to build the costume in the future.
  10. Hi Daniel, Welcome to the GA. I'm the Endor Campus Superintendent & we are thrilled to have you here. Sadly, we've no idea when we will be able to troop in person, but we all hope it will be sooner rather than later. We will be taking part in the May the 4th be with you online festival. Why not check out https://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com/ for more details.
  11. Count me in. I'll kit up as shadow scout.
  12. Welcome Lisa to the forums. It will be great to have another pilot in the ranks. Make sure you follow us on all our social media & why not reach out to us on FB. We do some zoom calls every now & again & it's a nice way to meet the rest of us mad bunch while troops are on hold.
  13. Dropkick


    Hi Richard, Welcome to the forums. Your costume choice is incredible. Talk about going in on the deep end. As Chris said above, the Bounty Hunters Guild will have loads of build threads in their detachment forums that will help.
  14. Hi Rick & welcome to the forum. Best of luck with the clearance photos. If you've not suited up yet for the photos, can you also do an action shot along with what Chris has suggested. Thanks a mill.
  15. Hi there & welcome to the forums. Here's a link on the legion website to all the detachments. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbydetachment Each detachment has a list of costumes. So for example the shadow trooper you mentioned earlier is in the Spec Ops detachment. [I'm slightly biased as I have a shadow scout & am currently building a shadow trooper].
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