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  1. As we need to be ready for 10:30, I hope to be at the back of King Street college a bit before 10am. I've been told that the toilets are in the main building, which won't be open tomorrow. There's a hotel up the road if anyone needs the call of nature beforehand. See you all there.
  2. Here's the parade route for the Drogheda parade.
  3. I was chatting to DCC staff member Daniel yesterday who is from Drogheda & has a Predator costume. I asked him if he'd like to join us for his home town parade & he said he'd love to.
  4. I'll bring along cadet Seán.
  5. until

    A lot has been happening in my family life of late, as anyone that I have spoken to recently will be aware. Yesterday, my uncle passed away (my dad's brother). I've found out the funeral details, so I'm going to be at home on Sunday, but I'll be at DCC on Saturday. I really need some normal time. Thanks to Aidan for meeting up with me last night & bringing the PR gear & box of patches. See you all tomorrow.
  6. Signing up as Shadow Scout.
  7. until

    C2B5 would look epic in some photos with the Spec Ops team. I look forward to seeing you over the weekend.
  8. until

    Count us in for both days [family situation permitting]. Shane - Shadow Scout - Palpy - Kylo - Ood - Jawa & crew Sean - Probably my Kylo & Jawa when I'm not wearing them & crew I'll bring up all PR that I can fit in the car.
  9. until

    Did someone say Death trooper? I really hope I'll be able to make this one.
  10. until

    With Sylvester Mc Coy being one of the guests, so you want to bring a Doctor with you? I'll try to fit the Ood in the car too.
  11. until

    Thanks a mill, Dave. I'm planning to be there as close to 8 as I can & I'll bring as much PR gear as I can sqeeze in the car without crushing Jamie & Sean too much. Note to self -> Must get to bed early tonight.
  12. until

    Count me in for both dates. Mixture of Shadow Scout, jawa & Sith Lord for each day.
  13. Hello Michael & welcome to our forums. It will be great to have a TK to add to the ranks. RS propmasters are well known maker. There are cheaper kit options if you are OK with building a kit yourself. Jimmy in Breaking the Mold has done loads of jobs for our troopers, so you should be fine with his work.
  14. until

    Sorry all. I'm not going to be able to attend this one. Any typical, it's in my home town. Hopefully there will be a few that can get there tomorrow. Thanks @Plo_Kool& @Shadow Trooperfor being able to make it to the troop.
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