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  1. until

    Signing up as Shadow Scout & hopefully Seán as Snowie.
  2. Hi Brian, I'm going to travel to Dublin tomorrow just to meet yourself & Michelle. Where are you staying & we see if we can meet up in the afternoon / early evening if that suits your plans. If its easier, you can contact me on FB messenger - www.facebook.com/tx18170 and we can arrange to meet tomorrow Shane
  3. Sign me up as Shadow Scout please. I'll see if cadet Seán can come along for the afternoon
  4. until

    So sorry to hear this Dave.
  5. I'd be on for joining yourself & Michelle for a bite to eat after the event.
  6. until

    Hi Dave So Shane H is not on his own in Dundalk, both myself & Ken will do Navan, so Shane can troop with Jamie in Drogheda. I'll see if cadet Sean can join us in Navan as either crew or a snowie.
  7. Why not join us for the troop, guys?
  8. until

    Drogheda for me please, if possible
  9. Would have loved to attend this, but I'll be away for a much needed break from Saturday for a week. Enjoy the troop.
  10. until

    I'd suggest arriving at the event on the day & introduce yourself to the team & we can have a chat then.
  11. Welcome Brian & Michelle. Hopefully a few of us can meet up for a chat & maybe a few trades when you visit us in September.
  12. Dropkick

    Dublin Comic Con


    Gutted that I won't be around for this. Enjoy yourselves, folks
  13. Hi Gary, I'm not aware if anyone has racing shirts for trade. I know I have my own shirts & I don't plan on letting them go. Perhaps somebody else in the garrison has one for trade. Good luck with your search
  14. Signing up for this as jawa / shadow scout. Cadet Seán will come along too. Seáns costume tbc
  15. Hi Alan, You are signed up to both events happening on 3rd July (Barretstown & Heart Children Comic con in Edenderry).
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