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  1. until

    Myself & Sean are available for overnight on 12th if there's a room available. I'm late to this, so we can head home after the troop if there's no spare room.
  2. until

    Get better soon @Celtictrooper75 & @tipperaryred. I hope to see you both on 12th Dec.
  3. until

    I have a negative PCR test, so I'm good to go for Saturday. See you all there.
  4. until

    Thanks for this Dave. I'm still planning on being there, once I get a negative PCR test result beforehand. Fingers crossed
  5. until

    You've signed up for Saturday already, Siobhán
  6. until

    I confirm a car pass for both days. Thanks.
  7. until

    I checked the con website & got this - https://dublintattooconvention.com/the-venue-rds/ I hope this helps.
  8. until

    I hope they get better soon.
  9. until

    Thanks Dave. I've sent @Terrorsaur a message on whatsapp & twitter so we can sort himself & his daughter out for when he arrives.
  10. until

    I'll attend both days as the phibsboro event was cancelled. Is it OK if cadet jawa Seán attends? He is fully vaccinated too.
  11. until

    Sign me up for both days please, if there's still a spot. I'll bring Palpy & Shadow Scout for 27th. For the 12th I can bring shadow trooper & maybe jawa. Cadet Seán would like to attend as GA jawa if that's OK. No overnight needed as I'll have work on 13th. Thanks
  12. Great to see you back on the forums, Leandro. I remember chatting to you at the comic con in the RDS. Imperial kights... yes. Your emperor approves. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TR_Imperial_Knight
  13. until

    Sorry I can't make this one. My daughter will be 21 on Saturday & we have family commitments on Saturday & Sunday to mark the big day.
  14. until

    GrandPalpy approves.
  15. Hi Alice & welcome to our forums. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events. What RL costumes do you have with you?
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