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  1. until

    Thanks Shane
  2. until

    Anyone else up for this one. I just had the guys in Drogheda on looking to see how its going so far.
  3. We've done this troop a couple of times over the years and there has always been a great atmosphere at it. It is clashing with Barretstown though. Maybe there might be a few of us who are not heading to Barretsown could do this troop. A safe and secure placed to get changed with be provided at the community centre in Rush. EVENT - Christmas Lights Switcg On Rush LOCATION - Rush (Community Centre to get changed) DATE - November 26th TIME - 4pm - 7pm POC -Audrey McGinley COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT – Dave Trooping:
  4. until

    They've now come back to me to tell me that the hotel has agreed we can get changed in the toilets in the hotel. I don't know guys, what do you want to do?
  5. until

    Im leaning your way on this Ken. Something is in the back of my mind that we had problems with a troop like this trying to change in an Ambulance. Its a bucket collection and we'll be in a huge crowd on the street. Very risky without crew.
  6. until

    OK, Ive been in touch with them again. They're a little disorganised. They want to change the time from 11 to 1. But they've no advised that the hotel will only allow the boxes to be stored, they won't allow getting changed as they dont have the room. They've asked could we change in the Ambulance. We tried to do this before and it didnt work out great. The numbers would have to be small and each trooper would have to get changed one at a time because there wouldnt be room for two (I dont think from previous troops with the Bumbulance). They cant seem to secure anywhere nearby. Thoughts?
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    Which day(s) Jamie
  8. until

    Which day Donie?
  9. until
    OK Guys, The Relay For Life and Bumbleance Ambulance Service and tow core charities we raise for every year. The Bumbleance guys were a little late with the request and they struggled a bit finding a safe and secure place to get changed but they just contacted me now to say they got the Sandymount Hotel for us to get changed. I believe the Bumbleance will be parked nearby and the guys will be doing a bucket collection there. Short notice I know, but if anyone is free that would be grea.t EVENT - Bumbleance Bucket Collection LOCATION - Sandymount Hotel DATE - Saturday November 12th TIME - 11am - 1pm POC - Aislinn Muckian COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT – Dave Trooping
  10. until
    Barretstown have been in touch to see if we were free to attend thei Winter Wonderland Christmas Party. This is a fantastic event and hugely important for Barretstown and the kids there. They are looknig for us both days. Time to be advised. As usual a safe and secure place to get changed will be provided. EVENT - Barretstown Winter Wonderland LOCATION - Barretstown Castle, Kildare DATE - Noverber 26th & 27th TIME - To Be Advised POC - Lauren Reynolds COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT – Dave Saturday Trooping Richard - TK/Shadow Trooper Jamie Tie Pilot/Shadow Trooper Shane - Shadow Scout/Jawa/Palpatine Sunday Trooping Richard TK/Shadow Trooper Jamie Shadow Trooper/Tie Pilot Shane - Shadow Scout/Jawa/Palpatine Cadets Sean - Jawa/Snowie TBA'a : Sean - Vader Aidan - Biker Scout/ Captain America
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    OK guys, the car parking tickets have been posted out to Shane who will make sure everyone gets a pass. There are 16 that went out in the post today to Shanes address. They are transferable if different troopers are going on different days
  12. until

    Thanks Aidan
  13. until

    Any idea whatday Aidan. Im giving the final numbers to the convention today so I can arrange the car park passes
  14. until
    OK guys, Im just off the phone with Drogheda Homeless Aid. They are going to be doing a big bucket collection in Drogheda on December 3rd and they are looking for us to come along and join them on the main street. They will have a some celebrities and sports celebrities there on the day and they feel that we would just add so well to the event. Its for a very worthy cause and sounds like it will be a great day. A safe and secure place to get changed will be provided along with car parking (to be confirmed). EVENT - Drogheda Homeless Aid Bucket Collection LOCATION - Drogheda Main Street DATE -Saturday December 3rd TIME - 11 - 40m POC - Kelly Kierans COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping: Jamie - Tie Pilot/Kylo Ren
  15. until

    Just got a mail from the guys at Educate Together. Theyve changed the start time from 12pm to 11am. Finishes at 2pm
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