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    Just for good housekeeping. As most of you know, Portmagee and Malin Head are cancelled as a direct result of the CoVid 19 situation. We did try and look at postponing until August but Im afraid Failte Ireland, who control the purse strings, wants the event held back until next year. The good news is that they will have an even bigger budget for next years event
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    Thanks Dan, much appreciated
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    Good man Christy
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    Hi everyone. Well as you have probably gathered the May the 4th Festival will now not be going ahead in Portmagee. I met with the Portmagee Team yesterday and spoke to Failte Ireland while the team where together and both Portmagee and Failte Ireland feel that the event is worth saving, so therefore we are looking at pushing it further down the road. The dates we are looking at now are in August. Specifically August 14th, 15th & 16th. The program for May 4th had recently been completed and we will more or less be sticking to that program albeit we'll be launching on a Friday and finishing on a Sunday rather then launching on a Saturday and finishing on a Monday. If the country is back on its feet by mid summer then there are lots of positives to this: Failte Ireland will throw their full weight against an aggressive marketing campaign. Tourism will be way down in Ireland so domestic festivals that are supported by Failte Ireland and who have been postponed rather then cancelled will huge support from Failte Ireland. I've suggested we should look at connections from The Rise of Skywalker to the rise of this Festival (if you know what I mean). They're going to look at this angle and look for a good tag line to go with this premise. If anyone has any ideas on this line let me know We may be able to get some more banners, pop up stands etc. for the 501st/RL which will be ours to keep at the end of the festival. There is a possibility that Failte Ireland may inject a little more into the budget to do this. The feeling is that the country will have gone through a lot and that events like ours will be really important to help with morale. There's a lot of psychological benefits to these sort of festivals after the country going through so much. I've a lot of stuff to do behind the scenes to try and gt this ready but the first thing I would ask from those who were going to the festival this year. Will you be able to make it to the festival on the dates I mentioned above. August 14th, 15th finishing on the 16th. Perhaps you can all comment below to let me know. Finally, with regard to Malin Head, Im still waiting to hear back to see if its a cancelation or if its being pushed like Portmagee. As soon as I know I'll let you guys know and I'll liaise with Kevin who is spearheading this troop.
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    The Irish Cancer Society have reached out to see if we were available to help them for the bucket collection for Daffodil Day which is Friday March 27th. This is the biggest fund raising for the Irish Cancer Society and is always a great troop. We had a few issues last year with regard to changing facilities. I flagged it up with the guys and they have assured us that they have managed to secure a safe and secure place to get changed in Central Hotel in Exchequer Street in Dublin. You would need to be ready to troop from 12 to around 3. This troop is open to all four clubs EVENT - Daffodil DayLOCATION - Central Hotel Exchequer StreetDATE - Friday March 27th TIME - Ready to troop from 12pm to 3pmPOC - Lara JoyceCOSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion/GA/RISTAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping George - TBA
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    Unfortunately guys as you've gathered already, the Balbriggan Parade has been cancelled for 2020.
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    This one took a little time to organise. Its the first time w have been asked for public liability insurance. It is something we could see a little more in the future. Not so much for events we are asked to attend, more so for events that we would like to attend ourselves (parades, cons etc.). Anyway, the upshot of it is I've managed to get the event company running the event to arrange for Fingal County Council to cover us under their event policy so we're good to go. I've arranged for us to get changed in the Bracken Court Hotel which is the same hotel we used to get changed two years ago when we were at this parade before. For those that are going to troop at this one, keep warm. There is a wind that would cut right through you on the main street if its a cold and windy day. The atmosphere is great though. Parade starts at 2pm, so arrival from 1230/1pm onwards EVENT - St Patricks Day Parade LOCATION - Balbriggan (changing in the Bracken Court Hotel) DATE - Tuesday March 17th TIME - Ready to troop for 2pm - 3pm COSTUMES - 501st, RL, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave POC: Lauren Skelton Trooping
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    This troop is being deferred to a later date this year. I'll keep you posted
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    Because you're all going to be getting your own trading cards!
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    I met with the festival directors from Portmagee today and we had a really good meeting. We'll have a program of events ready very shortly. So for those of you who are joining us this year in Portmagee, I need to know what costume(s) you intend on bringing down. On top of that, I need you to post a photo of you in that costume(s). Make sure that its your favourite photo. In other words, the type of photo you would have on a trading card. Along with the photo I need your ID name and number.
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    OK everyone, just to let you know that Ive changed the date for this troop from the 15th to the 16th in agreement with the guys at the museum in Drogheda. For those that signed up when the date was originally the 15th, can you please amend if necessary if you can't go on the 16th.
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    Guys, before I sign anyone up. Ive been speaking to the guys in Drogehda explaining that we have DCC on that weekend and sign ups may be low as a result. They would really like to see us there and have said they would be willing to change the day to the bank holiday Monday if that helped. I see three sign ups already. If people feel they can attend on the Monday and it might help the numbers, let me know what you think
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