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    Morning guys. Tomorrow I will be PM'ing you all your codes that you will need to gain entry into the RDS on the weekend. If you are there for two days I'll be sending you two codes. Dave
  2. You can email events@501st.ie with details about the event and we can take it from there
  3. until
    We've done this con for the past two years and its always been a great even. Its a small con but its very well supported and a really great family day. Celtic Con will be having a second con in Portloaise which I'll post separately. There will be a safe and secure place to get changed and there is parking at the back of the town hall. They will also be providing us with a table at the con. EVENT - Celtic Con LOCATION - Newbridge Town Hall DATE -Monday June 5th TIME - 12 - 6pm POC - David Butler COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping:
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    Which days Jamie?
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    I reached out to CEO of Gamer Fest Stuart Dempsey a few days ago with regard to Gamer Fest in the RDS which runs for two days in the RDS. They'd be delighted to have us along. They will provide a safe and secure place to get changed. Car Parking will be provided. A table at the fest will be provided. There is no problem with collecting for charity. They have asked though that we collaborate with them raising funds for Jigsaw.ie, they will provide the buckets. This would be our first time at the event. They have a winter event later in the year in October They have given me 20 tickets for each day. Each trooper that signs up will be given an individual entry code number that you will give at the RDS. This code for a wristband that gives you access for the day. if you are going for two days you will get two codes. If you sign up and and then find out that you cant go, let me know so I can give the code(s) to someone else EVENT - Gamerfest LOCATION - RDS DATE - May 27th & 28th TIME - 10pm to 6pm POC - Stuart Dempsey COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping Saturday George - Predator Shane - Shadow Scout, Palpy etc. Matt Black Adam Christy predator Amy Ghost Jamie - Tie Pilot/Clone Eric - Sandtrooper Lisa - Tie Pilot Adrian - Cody Aidan - Biker Scout Crew Sue Cadets Seán (Jawa or Snowie) Trooping Sunday Shane - Shadow Scout, Palpy etc. Matt Black Adam Christy predator Amy Ghost Jamie - Tie Pilot/Clone Lisa - Tie Pilot Cadets Seán (Jawa or Snowie)
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    Looking forward to that George
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    The 14th Underground Cinema International Film Festival will take place in the Royal Marine Hotel from Friday September 8th to Sunday the 10th. On the final day of the festival Underground Cinema will be hosting alongside the film festival a comic con in the largest function room in the hotel, the Carlisle Suite. The con will raise money for the Irish Cancer Society on the day. A safe and secure changing area will be provided along with refreshments. EVENT - Underground Cinema International Film Festival & Comic Con LOCATION - The Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire DATE - Sunday September 10th TIME - 12pm - 6pm POC - Dave Byrne COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave B. Trooping: Dave - Havoc Trooper Alan - TBA George - Predator Todd - TK Aga - Bo Katan Chris - TBA Tina - TBA Cadets Hazel Lily Connor
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    Its one of our favourite events and its back again. The Barretstown Picnic As usual, we have access to full changing facilities along with a free hot meal on the day. The kids and families absolutely love us at this event every year and its for a really worth cause EVENT - Barretstown Big Picnic LOCATION - Barretstown Castle, Barretstown, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, W91 RDX6 DATE - Sunday July 16th TIME - 12.00 - 16.00 POC - Lauren Reynolds COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping Richard - TK Christy - Predator/Snowtrooper/Bith Ken - Gunner/Tie Pilot/Captain America Chris - TBA Tina - TBA Cadets Hazel - TBA Conor - TBA Lily - TBA Crew Stephen Alan
  9. Its going to be great to have you on the team Shane
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    Too late for me to contact the store Matt, I'll do it first thing in the morning
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    OK everyone. I just finalised everything with Smyths this afternoon. Please remember that the troop is now at 12pm at all stores until 3pm. Remember to take breaks as well. With regard to the vouchers, its going to be done a little different this time. The vouchers are going to be emailed to you. This will be done next week. You can email me your email address to dave@underground-cinema.com or you can pm me on FB. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow Dave
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    Jamie, is Jervis Street or Swords an option for you?
  13. until

    Anyone from Reel Icons available for this one (most of the Garrison will be in Kerry)? There is a donation to charity being made
  14. until

    Anyone else signing up for this before I go back to Smyths today with the final numbers
  15. until

    Jamie, can you leave this with me. Smyths are looking for two per store and Shane and Sean are signed up for Drogheda. I'll talk to Smyths today
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