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    Its Tullamore Dan
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    Richard, Amy has been in touch and can't make it to Portmagee. Do you want to take her place?
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    Hi Shane. Yes, there is a sofa there. The only issue is I just dont have the money there now to cover expenses for an additional trooper. But yes, no problem with sofa city
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    A great event to raise funds and awareness for Pieta House, just a few minutes down the road during our Portmagee festival weekend. It's a very early start at 4am, but should be wrapped up between 6am and 7am so plenty of time to recharge and grab a fry up before the day's trooping begins at 10am! There will be secure changing in Coláiste na Sceilge School, about 1km west of Cahersiveen on the road to Portmagee, which is the start and end point for the walk. It's a great cause in and of itself, but it should also create some extra goodwill locally for the festival. EVENT - Darkness into Light, Cahersiveen LOCATION - Coláiste na Sceilge School, Cahersiveen DATE -Satuday May 7th TIME - 0400 POC - Catherine COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Trooping: Daniel F George B Shane M
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    The guys from Ghostbusters Ireland have reached out to us with this one. One of their team, Alan Coates is organising this fundraiser which should be a great day. There will be a big safe "green room" area with toilet access away from the main area for changing and storing. No problem giving us a table. Its on from 10 till 5 with the 1st hour being limited entry for people with special needs Parking won't be an issue. There will be spaces available. This troop is ope to all four clubs EVENT - Heart Children Ireland Comic ConLOCATION - Edenderry (exact address TBA)DATE -Sunday July 3rdTIME - 10 - 5POC - Alan CoatesCOSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping: Dave - Boba Fett Emmanuel - Jedi George - TBA Alan - Tie Pilot/Corran Horn Alan Fay - Batman Naomi - Harley Quinn Matt - Deadshot/Robocop Christy - TBA
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    Hi Richard. I reached 9 which is the max for the house when Todd signed up Im afraid
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    OK Ken. Im presuming your good. I'll let the family know and I'll come back to you shortly with more details. Thanks guys, I really appreicate this one. You're going to make a young man who has gone through a very hard time very happy.
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    So Ken and Emannuel. Do you think you can definitely do this one. The family are trying to sort out the day at the moment. It would be great to be able to go back with something concrete.
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    A company called Womp Events contacted us to see if we had two troopers free this Thursday for a photo shoot to help promote a table quiz that is coming up on May the 4th in Galway. The quiz is in aid of Claddagh Patrol Watch. Claddagh Watch Patrol was established to prevent deaths by accident and suicide on the river and canals of Galway City by providing nightly volunteer patrols along the waterways for the benefit of the Galway Community and visitors. Claddagh Watch do tireless work caretaking the bridges in Glaway city and have prevented countless deaths over the last few years in existence. A promo shoot will help them to garner more interest for the charity with local / national press. They can be flexible with the time on Thursday afternoon which is when they would need us. Your travel/food expenses would be covered. Its not an overnight thing. The yare just looking for two troopers and the shoot will take place in the city centre. A safe and secure place to get changed will be provided. EVENT - May the 4th Table Quiz Promo Shoot LOCATION - Galway City Centre DATE -Thursday April 28th TIME - 1430 POC - Katie Walsh COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping:
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    Anyone else free to go with Emmanuel ?
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    Hi guys. I got the mail below from Tracy Ann who's son has recently beat cancer but still has some recovering to do. Hi I got your details from a lady in America. My son has recently beaten cancer (Crumlin Hospital) and has his Confirmation coming up in May and I'm trying to organise something a bit different for him. I'm wondering how much this will cost and what I would need to do? He loves Star Wars and climbed Skellig Michael last year (he was sick at the time we just didn't realise that he had cancer). Many thanks Tracy-Ann Its been a while since we did a home appearance and these appearances are very special (those of us who have done them before can attest to that). His confirmation is on May 6th but they are going to have a small private celebration at home in their garden on the 7th. I know a lot of the team are down in Portmagee on that date, but perhaps we may have a few troopers free that are not heading down. The family live in Navan. We can get changed in one of the bedrooms in the house. Tracy reckons that they can get us into the house and into the room without her son seeing us. Hopefully we might be able to get one or two troopers to do this one. EVENT - Cillians Confirmation LOCATION - 9 Elm Drive, Athlumney Wood,Navan, Co. Meath, C15 FT8R DATE -Satuday May 7th TIME - 1430 POC - Tracy Ann Mahady COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping:
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    On the Saturday Night of the festival there will be a Star Wars Disco in the Royal Valentia Hotel. Maybe a few lids could be brought down instead of full armour.
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    This is the address for the house you will be staying in 10 Ocean View, Portmagee, County Kerry V23 AC67 Here is a link to the website http://oceanviewportmagee.ie/
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    Its been a really difficult one to try and sort out this year with such a reduced budget, but here it is. The May the 4th Be With You Festival will begin on Wednesday May the 4th with an opening ceremony in Portmagee. If there are any troopers that could make it along to the opening ceremony that would be fantastic. Im talking about the guys who dont have to travel that far. With regard to the rest of the week, the 501st are not really needed until the Saturday and the Sunday. We have booked one of our usual houses in Portmagee. I can accommodate 9 people in this house. There will be sharing rooms. Its the only way I can get 9 into the house. I can only offer €100 to anyone who is thinking about coming down. I just cant stretch it any further than that. There will be a €500 donation made to charity. Galatic Academy: I mentioned before that this year with such a tight budget, I cant accommodate families the way I did in previous years. But what I can say is this, if you have a son/daughter that would like to come down with you I can arrange for you both to be accommodated in a double room. Thats the only way I can find thats a work around. If that is acceptable, just let me know and I can arrange this. For the two days of the festival we will be required to have a presence in the Portmagee community centre where a small comic con will take place. We'd be looking for a few troopers to patrol around the village for photo shoots and thats really it for both days. If anyone elase would like to come down on there own bat, the more the merrier. Those of you who have done Portmagee can attest to it being a brilliant weekend and a great catch up for all the 501st team. The accommodation is booked for Friday May 6th up until checkout day which is Monday May 9th. The Friday is handy for those who want to head down the day before. Unfortunantely I cannot make it down this year. I have a small operation on the Saturday morning. I'll still be involved though online. I'll have more info about our online stuff shortly If anyone has any questions, Im happy to answer any of them. Dave EVENT - May The 4th Be With You Festival LOCATION - Portmagee DATE -Satuday May 7th - Sunday May 8th TIME - 10 - 7 each day POC - John Murphy COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave Trooping: Christy - Vader Jamie - Kylo Ren, Shadow Trooper and Tie Pilot. Daniel - Del Meeko Siobhan - Rey Shane - Palpatine, Shadow Scout & Jawa George - FOTK/Imperial Officer Matt - Jawa/Santos Amy - Iden Versio and Nihilus Tudor - TK Donie - FOTK Todd - TK Thats it,we've reached our allocation of 9.
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