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  1. Snowy signing up
  2. until

    Dave I'm still going sign me up for that weekend, snowtrooper and Thrawn
  3. until

    Folks, it's with regret I'm signing down from this troop due to the covid-19 virus risk. I hate doing it because I've been looking forward to seeing you all, feels like an age since we trooped. Any one going be safe and enjoy
  4. until

    Signing up, snowtrooper
  5. until

    I'll be bringing my snowtrooper and Thrawn
  6. until

    Signing up both days, snowtrooper and or Thrawn depending on clearance
  7. until

    Signing up if I can catch a lift.... Snowtrooper / Thrawn pending clearance
  8. until

    Snowtrooper and Thrawn both days
  9. until

    Christy signing up snowy, Thrawn
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