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  1. Woohoo! Can't wait to have you as part of the team
  2. until

    Signing up for both days as Nihilus and possibly Iden Versio! (if she is finished )
  3. until

    I'll be attending both days too as Nihilus!
  4. until

    Sign me up! Nihilus! and Iden Versio!
  5. until

    Sign me up too! I'll send payment over asap
  6. until

    I'm gonna try my best to make this troop!
  7. until

    Would love to go to this, so putting myself down as a maybe. Pending costume, depends on if Iden is ready to go for this event, if not the Lord himself will definitely be there!
  8. The new forum looks fantastic! Thank you to everyone's hard work. Happy to be here and excited for 2020!
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