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    • 05 November 2022 12:00 PM Until 05:00 PM
      Its a con that we have done before and a great day for all the family.  It will be held in the library in Ballinasloe and is arranged by Galway County Council who will be making a charitable donation on our behalf.  A safe and secure changing room will be provided and we can have a table at the con as well.
      EVENT - Ballinasloe Comic Con
      LOCATION - Ballinaslow Library 
      DATE -Saturday November 5th
      TIME - 12 - 6pm
      POC - Caroline Rowan
      COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI
      Dave - Boba Fett
    • 19 November 2022 02:00 PM Until 03:00 PM
      Again an event that Keith has beem working on behind the scenes.  For the Lakers again.  The date still has to be confirmed   EVENT - Lakers Car Raffle & Switching on of Xmas Lights LOCATION - Meridian Point Centre, Greystones DATE - To be confirmed (possibly 19th or 26th of November) TIME - 2pm - 5pm POC - Kathy Baker, Fundraising Co-ordinator at Lakers COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Reel Icons STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT – Keith Trooping:
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