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  1. until

    also my 2 cadets will be with me.. aodhan and siun Either 2 stormtroopers or bendy (from comp game) and deadpool.. they also wont need heineken or guinness.ill have theirs,
  2. until

    My doctor says I need heineken with every meal..and or guinness..tanks. at least o think that's what he said wasnt really paying attention.. All good cheers..
  3. Sorry dave have to stand down from cork..apologies .
  4. welcome dude..hope to meet at some stage.best of luck with clearance.
  5. im on that dave..first order stormer. get some !
  6. until

    sign me up for this please..first order stormer..might be in galway that weekend..
  7. until

    August cool with me.unless they blow the bridge in the next few weeks...dave dm if you need anything done locally for you
  8. until

    Cant wait to see thrawn in de flesh...looks.kool as f#ck
  9. until

    I will be bringing my one and only first order ...tk23020
  10. until

    Hey dave.i want to sign up first order trooper.i dont need accommodation or anything as I live close.anyone needs help with accommodation private message me on messenger.will try and sort those out that are booking themselves.
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