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  1. sorry lad not gonna happen for us.. mary working fri sat sun as am i..
  2. might make this keith..will see how goes.see you sunday
  3. until

    I'm there dude.. First order stormtrooper Cadet aodhan mando Cadet siun boba And Current wife hopes to crew.work depending. Thanks for all the hard work bro.
  4. until

    Would love to attend but will be in Orlando florida at some little star wars Park.. enjoy .
  5. until

    Sorry signing down from tralee.workin I'm afraid...
  6. until

    Provisionally signing up for tralee.. if they giving 50 for crew my current wife will also attend. Agree with Keith early time was pointless no one about. Might head to killarney after to do some may the 4th promo.see the craic
  7. until

    sorry all cant make it either..life gets in the way unfortunately..have a good one see ye
  8. until

    provisionally signing up for the sat fotk also will have a selection of cadets.. mini mando aodhan mini boba siun. my current wife will crew
  9. until

    sorry dave have to sign down from this..gutted
  10. until

    Apologies for the sat .
  11. until

    Hi dave. Could you provisionally add me fotk. Cadet aodhan mando.cadet siun mini boba to be confd.cheers man
  12. until

    i wont be there in cossie at 9.. i live like an hour and a half away..ill be there for 9 and ready for half past i reckon,..my good wife is crewing will help with pics etc.
  13. until

    yeah can do tralee with keith . will also have my good wife to crew too. fotk
  14. sorry chris have to sign down from this..hopefully they run the winter one or possibly autumn..sorry..and siun is dying to show off her boba fett..next time perhaps
  15. Put me down as a maybe.love barretstown.will confirm soon as possible..me as tk and cadet siun as boba fett.
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