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  1. until

    Both days please. And I'm available to help set up on the Friday too Probably biker and a reel icons costume or 2 too
  2. until

    Have to sign down too I'm afraid. Still recovering from the flu. Not up for a full days antics unfortunately..... Have fun guys
  3. until

    Sign me up for Saturday please. Biker scout
  4. Welcome Adrian, Can I maybe guess if you are living in Maynooth, that you might be working in intel??? Aidan
  5. until

    Put me down for Saturday Dave.
  6. until

    This is always a great event to do. And they treat us so well on the day too. Ill pick a day closer to the time. But count me in. Biker and captain America maybe for this one....
  7. until

    Yeah it's not ideal really is it....... Even moving to and from the changing area could be trouble if there is a large crowd around. I know they have shopping centre collection plans for the near future and maybe if we used this as an example of what we need to be able to attend them. Like More notice, proper changing and storage facilities etc so we can help them with future events.
  8. until

    Sorry for the late decision, but just letting you know I'm not gonna make it tomorrow. I pulled a muscle in my back during the week, and 2 days of posing might be too much. So I'm gonna take another day to let it mend, and hopefully go on Sunday.
  9. until

    Sorry, yeah stick me down for both sure.....
  10. Hey Bradley, Were you there for my dinner with your garrison back in February? We met in a lovely Mexican in chandler. There was a great gang out that night. Might get to return the favour when you are over
  11. until

    Panda scout reporting for duty
  12. until

    I'll do one of the days anyway. Probably Saturday. Might do the Sunday, but it's a maybe for now..
  13. until

    Might try n make this one. It is only a few mins away. Just trying to sort my weekend out and I'll let yas know
  14. until

    Hey Dave, Can we sort out the parking situation better this year. We weren't on any list last year and had a hard time getting into the parking. Only one girl in the office knew about us. And I mean sort this more on their end. Make sure we are listed with other vendors at the security hutt. Cheers
  15. until

    Both days please. Tie pilot and deadpool and cap. Possibly a biker scout too
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