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  1. Avenger TK

    Dublin Comic Con


    Both days please. Tie pilot and deadpool and cap. Possibly a biker scout too
  2. until

    Gonna have to sign down folks. Really sorry. Have to fly down the country to help my dad move stuff. But if I can pop in on the way back I will. I'll bring the costumes anyway just incase
  3. Welcome man. And you don't have to have a costume to join us. We need people to crew and minders for our costumers when at events. So have a look at our events and try to pop along. You can chat with us and we can guide you as to where to start or even order your costume from.....
  4. until

    Signing down from Sunday. I know my flight comes in around 9ish. I'll be sleep deprived and need to go for a few hours rest. Someone else can have my spot.
  5. until

    I fly home home Sunday morning. Could I be put down as a maybe for the Sunday. id love to do part of a day but if it fills up I can go reserve....
  6. until

    Balls, signing down. Doesn't look like I'll be in the country for this or DCC
  7. until

    Signing up. Various costumes on the day
  8. until

    Please. For both days too
  9. until

    Plus what part of the RDS are we going to guys? Can't see it in the post. Cheers
  10. until

    cheers, can i have a car pass too please
  11. until

    Yup I'll have my booster done tomorrow, so all aok for me
  12. until

    Just curious, is the over night on the Saturday night before the 12th or the Sunday night after the 12th? 10 would mean a vEry early start
  13. until

    Get packing mister so. We have 2 who can't make it now anyway.....
  14. hey alice, and welcome. we always need more rebels to hunt down
  15. until

    just to note , the sunday here is the same day as the firestation troop........ people may need to choose an event to do..............
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