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  1. until

    I'd still like to crew this but could only do a couple of hours (sat).
  2. until

    Would it be OK to pop in on this as crew with my daughter for a couple of hours on the Sat? Looks like the perfect opportunity to ease in and reintroduce myself to the Legion
  3. Thanks! I have fond memories of the Tattoo festival. Not everyday you see a Stormie get inked and we rocked on stage! Really looking forward to meeting up again. I'm mobile(ish) crutches for any distance but I can lean against a bar stool for a couple of hours . I'm on a pretty intense pain management regime and I have the option to double down for a short period. Pay for it afterwards but I certainly think I could eventually troop at an event that has a sizeable group. I'd be hesitant about taking a spot in something that requires just 2 or 3 active members. But larger troops where I can stand down from time to time should be OK. But crewing shouldn't be an issue. Again it would have to be as a tag along in the situations where a crew member is a must at all times. I need to obtain a kit that isn't so restrictive around the torso and be able to sit. I'm thinking Tie. I've pinged you on messenger Chris. Not active on FB but do have messenger. Here is the main spot for Trooping info though?
  4. Hi all, its been a while. I last trooped Sep 9th 2017 and found myself in hospital a week later. Im still battling illness but have gotten to a point where Im keen to be a part of the community again and would love to eventually be able to troop again. Have managed to amass a sizable SW figure collection in the last while and about to make some models and try my hand at customisations. Still have an inoperable "collapsed spine" so I also need to source a new costume (2 and a bit inches shorter means my TK doesnt fit ). Hopefully catch you all soon. Alan TK16076
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