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  1. until

    @Emerald Trooper can you switch Giorgia to crew please?
  2. until

    i see that...just posting to let you know in case there is any more movement
  3. until

    @Emerald Trooper if swords get 2 slots free Giorgia and I would prefer that as it would be closer to home in case baby might need anything
  4. until

    Giorgia and I can cover Blanch
  5. until

    would you sign me up for Saturday (Jawa or Jedi)
  6. until

    should i put you down as confirmed then? what costume?
  7. until

    signing up for Sword myself and Giorgia
  8. until
    Lucalfilm got in touch with us for May 4th week at Smyths Toys. They requested max 4 troopers per store. We have 5 locations: Unit 1, Airside Retail Park, Swords Unit 424, Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15 Blanchardstown Fonthill Retail Pk, Fonthill Road Clondalkin Dublin 22 Unit 1, Park Developments Retail Park, Carrickmines, Co. Dublin Block E, South Wing Business Park, Kinsale Road, Cork. A safe and secure changing area will be provided along with a 50€ gift card for those attending and a donation to a charity of our choice will be made as well. Unfortunately due to the theme of the event Star Wars costumes only will able to join. EVENT - May 4th Celebration at Smyths Toys LOCATION - Swords, Blanchardstown, Fonthill, Carrickmines, Kinsale DATE - Saturday April 30th TIME - 11am - 2pm POC - Swords: Paul McCusker, Blanch: Coman Garvin, Fonthill: Edward Ponomarev, Carrickmines: Stephen Tymlin, Kinsale: Brendan O Callaghan COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Andrea Trooping - Swords: [FULL] Andrea - Jedi/Jawa Giorgia - Jawa George - FOTK/Imp Officer Lisa - Tie Pilot Trooping - Blanchardstown: [FULL] ShaneM - Shadow Scout ShaneH - TK Graham - Chewie Galactic Academy: Sean - Snow Trooper Trooping - Fonthill: Matt - Jawa Galactic Academy: Leroy - Ewok Trooping - Carrickmines: Cristy - Vader Todd - TK Trooping - Kinsale:
  9. Welcome Fernando!!! It's great to have you here. I'll start validation process for international member so that you'll be able to see our calendar here. In the meantime if you have any question feel free to post here in the forum.
  10. Would you sign me and Giorgia up please?
  11. Hi Conrad and welcome to our forum! The answer to your question is easy and it's yes. In the end we are all part of a bigger worldwide family either if it's 501st (bad guys) or Rebel Legion (good guys) or Reel Icons (non star wars characters). The only thing needed is a cleared costume...then if you follow the instructions in this thread on how to request international access you'll be able to see events in our calendar and request to participate.
  12. Welcome to our forum Thomas! Great choice as first costume, it can be cleared with both Rebel Legion and 501st. I personally don't have much experience with armoured costumes, but I know here you'll find a lot of advices that would help you.
  13. until

    It's a bit generic there, but i guess once there we will know where it is
  14. until

    I would need car pass please...where to collect it?
  15. until

    Note: Due to current infection rate, the organisers of the event are letting in only fully vaccinated people. This applies to us as well.
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