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  1. Welcome on the forum Mark!
  2. Xadras


    Hi Karl and welcome to our forum! as the others already mentioned Clone troopers are one of those costumes that can get approved in both Rebel Legion (www.rebellegion.com) and 501st Legion (www.501st.com). I would suggest also to register on both legions main forum where you'll be able to get more info and visual guides...and it will be required for your application when ready. If you have any question we are all here to help and guide you through.
  3. Welcome Lisa...great choice...looking forward seeing your costume once ready and then we can talk about joining the good side as well
  4. Hi Ryan and welcome on our forum! I'm not an expert on the costumes you mentioned but for the scout and the trooper the first step would be buying a kit out of which you can build your armour...then just follow the guidelines on the costume standards (here for the costumes you mentioned https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbyname as they are all imperials it would fall under 501st) for all the other details
  5. Hi Robert and welcome on our forum. To progress with your international membership request would you please send me a private message on 501st.com forum (my forum name there is Xadras).
  6. Hi Sam, Welcome on our forum. I just set you as international member here so that you are able to access more and join events. As Shane mentioned you should consider moving your membership under our base/garrison. When the moving process will complete i can give you more access here as well. If you have any question or need anything don't hesitate asking anyone here.
  7. Welcome to the forum Conor...the good thing about Clone Troopers is that they can be cleared with both 501st and Rebel Legion. If you need any suggestion here we have some who have experience in building, they could advice in case...
  8. I didn't get your response...
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum! Do you have an idea about what kind of costume are you aiming for?
  10. Hi John, and welcome on the new forum. I sent you a private message on main rebel legion forum...if you can check that.
  11. Xadras

    sign up

    Hi Dan, Forgot to mention in your other post, but i already granted member privileges and invited to the RL private section...for the 501st one @welshchris77 @Ghostmaker will be able to help
  12. Hi Abilio, welcome to our forum. International access granted. (sorry if it took so long)
  13. Thanks...i assigned you member role and invited to RL private section...for RII private section @LordVader will be able to fix that
  14. Welcome back Michael! Would you fix your 501st ID...it should be a number (eg mine is 11236....DZ11236) and would you fix your Rebel Legion forum name....it should be the one you use lo login on rebellegion.com
  15. Re-welcome on the forum Andrew. I guess you were looking for international access...just granted
  16. until

    For me and Giorgia the new dates are fine
  17. Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the safety regulations in place to contain the covid-19 spread in Ireland
  18. until

    Sign me up as Jedi or Jawa...will pick the costume based on the weather
  19. until

    @Ghostmaker Giorgia is joining as well with her own ticket...she will have her jawa for the first time
  20. Welcome back Maddie!!! Do you mind filling the Rebel Legion and 501st sections of the profile here? so that i can assign you the proper role
  21. until

    lol...signed up twice?
  22. until

    For Rebel Legion costumes, provide the Character Name please
  23. until

    signing up for both days please
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