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  1. until

    Is there a contact number for this family?
  2. until

    Signing down. The Mrs is working that day.
  3. until

    I might be able to do Blanchardstown.
  4. until

    Pencil me in for this one.
  5. until

    Signing down.
  6. until

  7. until

    Signing up Imperial Gunner.
  8. Sorry I can't make this. Busy all day tomorrow.
  9. Pencil me in for crew. If my costume still fits ill change to imperial gunner.
  10. Welcome Aboard Lisa. Great choice of costume. Sound like your making great progress. If you want to get a side arm made a lot of members use a site called Breaking the mould. You'll find it on Facebook. A guy called Jimmy runs it. Very good standard of quality and service. And he's bases in Dublin so no customs to deal with. Most of our pilots carry a DL44 If you don't fancy lugging around the E11. For a helmet and armour kit I suggest a DA kit. Great quality and not too difficult to work with. If you need more info please feel free to ask.
  11. Late to the party but im Going to attempt to attend this troop. Take the gunner out for this.
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