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  1. until

    got a lift, confirmed for tie pilot
  2. until

    my da might be able to drop me in before he heads to work or if he's off my ma will be able to drop me down luckily
  3. until

    lift providing, i can do swords as tie
  4. Signing up as Tie!
  5. until

    hi, unfortunately something last minute just came up and i’m not gonna be able to make it tomorrow unfortunately
  6. until

    signing up as tie for both days!
  7. until

    Signing up as tie!
  8. until

    Signing up. Very excited for my first troop as a Tie!
  9. i’m not too bad with them to be honest. they did come loose in transit so i’ll have to properly attach them but i think i’m alright with them! i do just need to add a bit more padding so my eyes actually line up with the lenses, but i should be grand with them!
  10. After about a week and a half of trying to get UPS to process my custom charges and deliver my package, my Tie has finally arrived from RS! Super excited to add the finishing touches and get my photos sent in for approval!
  11. sorry, just seeing this now! i’d love to take christys spot. i’m having a bit of trouble with ups at the moment - was supposed to be delivered monday but customs are a nightmare and are saying i havn’t payed them. should be in contact with them tomorrow so it should hopefully be here by friday, and photos will immediately be sent to get cleared.
  12. i’d love to go if you’re still looking for people. my tie pilot will be arriving monday and i’ll have all my gear ready. i should be able to get a lift from my ma or da, i’m only about 30 minutes away
  13. Can’t wait to go to a meet once real life events are back up and running ! (Also, love the Harley cosplay ! Massive DC fan myself!)
  14. looking forward to sending it in! only a couple weeks to go
  15. ah sure, can never have too much target practice. and ahh, thank you so much for the group recommendation! i’ll definitely have a look - it’s great to hear it’s non-binary inclusive too!
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