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  1. until

    ah grand. it doesn't take me too long to get kitted up anyways, shouldn't have to arrive too much earlier
  2. until

    so we're showing up at 9, not ready to troop for 9? just wanna make sure they don't want us to come in early.
  3. until

    Oh, just checked- am I still down for Swords ? Or did Amy get in before me ?
  4. until

    I can cover Swords as well
  5. until

    also- do ye know if we're allowed to store costumes in the changing room over night ? just so we don't have to haul them in the next morning again ?
  6. until

    Signing up both days as Tie, I have my own ticket for Saturday.
  7. until

    got a lift, confirmed for tie pilot
  8. until

    my da might be able to drop me in before he heads to work or if he's off my ma will be able to drop me down luckily
  9. until

    lift providing, i can do swords as tie
  10. Signing up as Tie!
  11. until

    hi, unfortunately something last minute just came up and i’m not gonna be able to make it tomorrow unfortunately
  12. until

    signing up as tie for both days!
  13. until

    Signing up as tie!
  14. until

    Signing up. Very excited for my first troop as a Tie!
  15. i’m not too bad with them to be honest. they did come loose in transit so i’ll have to properly attach them but i think i’m alright with them! i do just need to add a bit more padding so my eyes actually line up with the lenses, but i should be grand with them!
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