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  1. until

    Hi John, can you sign me up as TK for the Sat only, cheers
  2. until

    Signing up as TK
  3. until

    Forgot to say I will be staying for 2 nights not 3
  4. until

    Sign me up please dave, TK all the way
  5. until

    Sign me up as Tk thankyou,
  6. until

    Gona have to sign down again Sunday, I'm working straight through till next Thursday unfortunately just with starting a new job I can't really loose the money, too many mouths to feed, Really sorry guys
  7. until

    Sorry guys but I'm going to have to pull out of the yule fest troop tomorrow I'm not feeling the best and I'm recovering of the flu from last week, just can't shake the sinus issues I'm having wit it, I hope you all have a blast and I'll catch you on the next one,
  8. until

    Signing up TK, both dates, no overnight needed
  9. Signing on for this call as tk
  10. Signing up a TK
  11. until

    Hi Dave should be good for those dates
  12. Yes sign us up as TK
  13. until

    This one Dave sorry
  14. until

    Nice one , I will be bringing my Tk Dave for now , possible tie aswell Celticrtooper TK91175
  15. until

    Sign us up Dave thankyou as TK
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