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  1. Sweet, Shane! Michelle will connect with you through Messenger, since she has better access over here. Looking forward to meeting you!
  2. Hi guys, checking in from the airport in Scotland. We will be there soon! It’s too bad about the troop, we were really looking forward to it. I really hope that we can meet up with some of you. We have a fair amount of flexibility today and tomorrow. We could possibly do something Monday evening as well, but that’s not ideal. Hope to hear from you!
  3. until

    Question - Until what time are you guys going to be at this troop? The title of the thread indicates 7-1, but the event details in the first post read 12-6.
  4. Excellent! I posted in the event thread to expect us.
  5. until

    Hi guys, IG-6367 here from the NorthEast Remnant. As discussed in my introduction thread, my wife Michelle (DZ-31013) & I would love to come by towards the end of this troop to hang out with you and get some dinner after. I am bringing plenty of stuff for trades, including a couple of interesting non-standard items. Looking forward to meeting you! - Brian
  6. until

    Posting here to help me find this thread again more easily.
  7. Are you guys planning on going out together for a post-troop meal? We were thinking maybe we could come by toward the end of the troop and join you to hang out after.
  8. I actually looked at your troop thread with that very thought! I'll look at it with Michelle and discuss. I don't think we could spend the whole day there, but maybe we could come by towards the end.
  9. That's fantastic! We are very flexible that day.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! We will be arriving in Dublin early afternoon on 17.9. We will be leaving for home on the morning of 20.9. We are staying on Cavendish Row, Upper O'Connell Street. Hopefully we can connect!
  11. Hi all! My name is Brian "Alpha" Shank, IG-6367, from the NorthEast Remnant Garrison. My wife Michelle (DZ-31013) and I will be visiting Ireland for the first time mid-September, and we would really love to meet some of you. I will, of course, be bringing patches & coins along for trading. I will update this post later with more specific information on our trip. Looking forward to seeing you!
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