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  1. until

    Signing down as well due to high # of cases.
  2. Welcome Alice! New member here as well. Nice to meet you!
  3. until

    TK47179 reporting for duty on both occasions!
  4. Hey Emerald! That's some badass suits!
  5. Hey Ghollum! Sweet kit! Where did you get your suit? I really like the Shore trooper look as well.
  6. Thanks Chris. I put in a reservation over the weekend and will make the mods so I can drag it. Great tips all around!
  7. Finger buttons it is! Thanks Dropkick!
  8. Hi Dropkick, StraightRazor, tipperaryred, SyntaxError! Yeah just realized I don't wanna be carting around this giant cardboard box full of armor. Thanks for all the tips lads/ladettes! Are you all using the TRamps with the finger buttons or the fob?
  9. Thanks Chris! I sent my pics off as per the FAQ. Do you all have voice modulators and is there any particular model/brand you would recommend? Any other mods/kit you find essential? Thanks, Todd
  10. Hi All, I am a new proud parent of an RS PropMasters ESB StormTrooper suit I had commissioned. I have dreamt of joining the 501st back when I first saw some of the crew outside of Hanley's Toy Store in Dundrum awhile back. I am completely smitten with the suit and hope to join you all for some of the trooping events coming up. I look forward to getting to know all you fine people. A little about me, I'm 44 and have a wife and two boys. I love Star Wars, Gundams, Lego, and Video Games. I am a Senior Site Reliability Engineer and have worked in software for a good amount of time. I love to cook and like many learned to bake sourdough during lockdown. I hope I can meet you all and I hope to bring some treats to the first trooping event I can attend. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you all! -Todd
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