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  1. Try signing out then back in Kev, let me know if that works?
  2. Hello Conor and welcome to the forums. Plenty of members on hand here to point you in the right direction if your building Clone armour????????
  3. Great to see you here Jakub ????
  4. No limit I'm aware of George ????
  5. Hey folks, We have a troop for you!, yay! Matt has kindly been in touch with the cinema and they are putting on a screening for us of 'The Empire Strikes back' 7:40 screening and we will be required to enter the screening but troop 45mins before screening, any questions please reach out to Matt in the members chat. Social distancing in effect. EVENT - The Empire Strikes BackLOCATION - Swords Pavilions Shopping CentreDATE - Monday July 13thTIME - POC - Matt HodgeCOSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion/GASTAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Chris Trooping Mat
  6. Signing up myself (TK), Tina (X-Wing) and the kids
  7. The Manager from Wexford Omniplex has been in touch and would like us at the cinema for a few pics (before the cinema opens) to help promote the Empire Strikes back, as usual we will be well looked after. The cinema has suffered greatly due to the pandemic so has zero funds for monetary donations but see if a few tickets or vouchers can be donated to 'The Wexford Women.s Refugee' on our behalf. Social distancing and precautions will be in effect. Crew will not be needed for this event. COSTUMES - 501st/ Rebel Legion/GA Trooping Alan - Tie Fighter Pilot
  8. Hmm, should be working now, try logging in and out. Most kits are ABS, there is little difference in the two, I would recommend ABS, it is available in two thicknesses, 1.5mm and 2mm, both are slightly off-white (same as the screen used armour) the 1.5mm is easier to work with, some members prefer acrylic capped which is bright white, it is slightly more brittle and also more expensive but does look nice ????
  9. Pm sent, also you should be able to access the sales area now ????
  10. Ah right I didn't realise you could not access that area of the forum, I will look check with the webmaster. No I don't make stormtrooper armour unfortunately but there are few trusted vendors who many of our members have used, I will pm you to point you in the right direction ????
  11. A lot of costumes can depend on budget, you maybe aware at this point that none are cheap!, the only time I have seen ones that can be cheaper would be members selling or changing costumes., bargains can sometimes be had, we have a sales area here where sometimes costumes can be found here:- https://www.irelandlegions.com/forums/index.php?/forum/26-junkyard-for-saletrade/ If you went for something like a 'Original trilogy Stormtrooper' or 'TK' , we can point you in the right direction, we know quite a few reputable vendors that make them in the same way as the originals, vacuum formed abs
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums, myself and few others are based in Wexford so not to far away????, Happy to meet up (when it is safe) if you ever want to have a chat about costumes, the club or just a natter. Shane and given a great explanation of how costuming works within our club, I will also add that if you plan on putting one together, and see something for sale, it is always a good idea to run it by us first to avoid any costly mistakes, we are a friendly bunch who can give you great advice. I might even be picking your brain on building a PC as I am currently putting one
  13. Hi Dan, Invitation sent for 501st private area, have a look in your email inbox or spam. Looking forward to trooping with you soon bro! ????????
  14. until

    To follow up on what John has said, the Relay is going to be 'virtual' this year due to the pandemic. Realistically the event will not generate the same funds as last year but I think the main aim here is to keep awareness of the event itself and not let it be forgotten about. A website has been set up for our team 'The Empire gives back' where people can donate or join the team, any existing team member can join on this page and we would love to see more of you join too, it is set up really easy to use and everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a cleared member of any of the club
  15. Wow you are really flying on your build Damien, hopefully your strapping arrives soon. I do the silicone hand guards and have them in stock, I have a sales thread on here will find the link for you though at the moment I am cocooning so cant get to the post office????
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