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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums Mark
  2. Welcome to the forums, Stormtrooper is an excellent choice of costume, your model-making skills will come in very useful if you decide to build one. As Shane has said we can offer great advice if you need it and point you in the right direction in terms of kits and where to get them
  3. Hello Karl and welcome to the forums, Nice choice of costume, clones are great, Here is a link to the various detachments of the 501st, there you will find the one pertaining to clones, hope it helps https://www.501st.com/resources.php
  4. X-Wing Luke signing up
  5. Gutted, I am going to have to sign down from this, Hospital rang me yesterday for a ultrasound on my shoulder in Cork and won't be back until late, I have been waiting on this since last May when I damaged my rotator cuff, I have asked can it be rescheduled but they said I will lose my appointment. Sorry folks
  6. X-wing Luke standing by
  7. Signing up, TK, X-Wings and bit of Cylon for good measure! Also weapons and props
  8. Hello Barry and welcome to the forums. Shoretrooper is an excellent choice. Keep us updated on your build or even start a build thread, we love build threads and may be able to offer you some help or pointers as you progress. Good luck with your build and may the force be with you, oops I mean 'long live the Empire'
  9. Hi Lisa and welcome to the forums, great choice of costume, will look forward to seeing you get your clearance very soon
  10. Hi Richard and welcome to the forum. ESB Boba Fett is a very cool choice of costume!, the best place to begin your quest would be to check out the detachments, they are forums that are our main source of information when building costumes, each detachment pertains to specific costumes, i.e. First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachnent (FISD) is for strormtroopers, Pathfinders for biker scouts and so on. The detachment you want is 'Bounty Hunters Guild' https://thebhg.net/ This would be your first port of call, hope that helps.
  11. Hi Rick, Great news on your Scout. If you could send your clearance pictures to gml@501st.ie the lads will look after you, include a front, right side, left side, back and helmet off shoot under good lighting. We look forward to trooping with you soon too Rick
  12. Hello Ryan and welcome to the forum. You have taken your first step into a larger world All those costumes you mentioned are fantastic choices, the first thing you need to do is settle on which one you want to do. You may or may not be aware that some costumes can cost more than others so this may influence your choice, you have definitely come to the right place though as you will get lots of advice and tips from our staff and members. As per 501st rules we cannot recommend one vendor over another on public areas of our forum but when you choose which costume you want, we
  13. Try signing out then back in Kev, let me know if that works?
  14. Hello Conor and welcome to the forums. Plenty of members on hand here to point you in the right direction if your building Clone armour????????
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