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  1. Wow you are really flying on your build Damien, hopefully your strapping arrives soon. I do the silicone hand guards and have them in stock, I have a sales thread on here will find the link for you though at the moment I am cocooning so cant get to the post office
  2. until

    Cancelled due to Covid19
  3. until

    Sorry folks but look like this has be cancelled due to corona https://lovin.ie/news/irish-cancer-society-forced-to-cancel-daffodil-day-due-to-coronavirus
  4. Assemble from Aldi Supermarket back to Tuskar View at 09-30am. The Reviewing Stand will be located on the Quay Front, adjacent to the bridge. The parade will start at 10.45am at the junction of Parnell Street/Trinity Street. Alan Hynds is our POC for this parade, I believe himself and Tudor have arranged a changing area EVENT - St Patricks Day Parade LOCATION - Wexford Town DATE - Tuesday March 17th TIME - Ready to troop for 9.30am COSTUMES - 501st, RL, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - Dave POC: Alan Hynds Trooping Alan Hynds - Tie Pilot Tudor - TK Crew
  5. until

    Check the first post of the thread for registration payment details
  6. until

    Indeed you can Shane, check my last post
  7. until

    *Update* I have been in talks with the relay commitee again and apparently there were a few crossed wires, the form I submitted was for the 'initial registration', we made this deadline, thankfully, the good news is we can add additional members up until May (cut off date will be updated)
  8. until

    *Update* Today is the deadline for anyone wishing to register as an official member of team 'The Empire Gives back', I have the registration form and need to fill in and let them know the number of members we will have, I will either post it off latter or hand it in. So this is the last call, after today you can still volunteer to help out our team on the day of the relay or during fundraising events but you will not be an official team member or receive a relay T-shirt (when they are ordered).
  9. until

    Payment received with thanks Shannon
  10. until

    Received with thanks George and added you to the members list!
  11. until

    Thank you Pierce
  12. until

    Excellent Dave, that is great news!
  13. until

    Thanks Jamie, will your mum be joining our team?
  14. until

    Sign us up, Myself TK and/or X-wing Tina- X-wing Cadets Conor, Hazel and Conor
  15. until

    Sign us up! Myself - costume to be announced Tina - X-wing Pilot Cadets - Conor, Hazel and Lily
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