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  1. Ah brilliant I'll go take a closer look at the CRLs I shouldve known the Big Brown Box day, I've been living on online shopping Thanks for all the info man, I really appreciate it
  2. Thanks a million man! Where are these forums are they here on the Irish 501st or on a seperate site? I looked on the CRLs and love the idea of a classic TK trooper or Tie Pilot reserve Sorry for so many questions but what is Brown Box Day? Cheers
  3. Thanks a million for all the info! I'll PM you now
  4. Thank you for the info Do you have any idea where I could find a kit? This is all new to me
  5. Hey Everyone, Ryan here from Dublin Ireland I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan and always wanted to try out costuming as a kid but never knew where to start, now being 24 I've found the 501st and Rebel Legion so hopefully I can start costuming soon I have no idea on where to start with building costumes but there is a few I'd love to do -Boba Fett or Jango Fett -Biker Scout -Stormtrooper -Shadow Trooper If anyone could offer me any tips on how to get started or which would be best for a beginner I would really love to hear from you! Many thanks Ryan
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