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Hi all!

My name is Karl, I'm from Dublin. I've known about the 501st for quite some time but never got around to joining until now. I was hoping to make a realistic phase 1 clone (Denal perhaps) and would appreciate any tips and advice. I look forward to getting to know the community and hopefully make a few friends along the way!  

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Hey Karl & welcome to the forums.

The clones are amazing costumes. Quite a difficult 1st build. The Rebel Legion forums are another good source of information for clones.

Maybe someone else can give some more guidance on the clones & how to source & build one.

The most important part of the build is the research that is needed for a build.

Keep us all posted on how you are getting on.

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Welcome to the forums Karl. The Clone detachments in both the 501st and Rebel Legion will certainly be a great help, but I'm sure we also have plenty of clone experience here in the Garrison to steer you towards the best suppliers.

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Hi Karl and welcome to our forum!

as the others already mentioned Clone troopers are one of those costumes that can get approved in both Rebel Legion (www.rebellegion.com) and 501st Legion (www.501st.com). I would suggest also to register on both legions main forum where you'll be able to get more info and visual guides...and it will be required for your application when ready. If you have any question we are all here to help and guide you through.

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Welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask any questions or if you're unsure how to move forward, let us know. I'm certain someone can point you in the right direction, and definitely let us know how you are progressing! 

These may also be useful references;



Try to avoid getting caught up looking into the microscopic detail just yet, like the guys said, do your research, take a few moments to look at the forums and go from there. Lots of great resources and if you're stuck or unsure, check in here and we're happy to help. 

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