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Hi everyone!


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Hi guys! Billy here from Waterford.  I've always been a huge lifelong SW fan,  I enjoy collecting replica lightsabers, figures etc.  I'm really the only one in my friend group who has a passion for SW so I am hoping to meet some cool people here and make some friends who share the same interests as myself!  I'd love to be able to eventually put together a cosplay and attend one of the events that you guys do.  Anyways, glad to have found this space and look forward to meeting you all! 

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Welcome man. And you don't have to have a costume to join us. We need people to crew and minders for our costumers when at events. So have a look at our events and try to pop along. You can chat with us and we can guide you as to where to start or even order your costume from..... 

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Hi & welcome Billy,

You've come to the right place alright.

We have the cosmic rebels con due in a few weeks in Enniscorthy. Hopefully you will get to have a chat with us on the day.


TK/TX/DZ/SL/DS 18170 -  Shane Murphy [Dropkick]
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Hello and welcome Billy, you have come to the right place.

We have another member in Waterford and myself and a few other in Wexford so not too far away.

Any questions feel free to ask, we are here to help 😎👍

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Hello and Welcome! 

Great to have another Waterford person on here 🙂 

Very friendly bunch, and now that we’re out of lockdown, events are starting to kick back up.

As the guys mentioned, no urgency to dive straight into building / commissioning a kit straight away, but when you do, we’re more than happy to provide pointers and advise.

Can always do with crew at our events to help support, take awesome photos and help those of us with kits that have limited visibility to, well, see and not bump into things.

We have CRC coming up in Enniscorthy so could be a good opportunity to meet and greet in person.

I joined with my first kit about a year ago, and hovered around the forums for the bones of 3 or 4 months before kicking that off. 

Any preferences or favourites? 

Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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