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I'm Richard, based near Dublin.

Been a life long star wars fan but recently wanted to get into building a top quality set of armour. I've been through the catalogue and have definitely decided on a set and specific variant: ESB Fett.

I'm now stuck with vendors, could anyone help me out?

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Hi Richard and welcome to the forum.

ESB Boba Fett is a very cool choice of costume!, the best place to begin your quest would be to check out the detachments, they are forums that are our main source of information when building costumes, each detachment pertains to specific costumes, i.e. First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachnent (FISD) is for strormtroopers, Pathfinders for biker scouts and so on.

The detachment you want is 'Bounty Hunters Guild'


This would be your first port of call, hope that helps. 

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Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forums. Your costume choice is incredible. Talk about going in on the deep end.

As Chris said above, the Bounty Hunters Guild will have loads of build threads in their detachment forums that will help. 

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Welcome! Great choice - definitely take a look at the BHG forums. Lots of info there. And definitely feel free to post or check in with any queries you have. 

I’m here only a few months and in the process of my first approval. I can confirm - very friendly bunch here 🙂

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Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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