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Hi My name is nicole chambers my son michael recently joined the galactic academy we can't wait to to attend events in the future. We recently attended feel the force dunmanway and really enjoyed meeting everyone from the 501st.

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It was great to meet you all at the weekend, and Michael did a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing him troop with us again very soon!





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Greetings Nicole and Michael.

It was a pleasure meeting you at the weekend.

We look forward to welcoming you on future troops and to represent our Galactic Academy.

Earlier, you were given some additional forum accesses, so should now be able to view the up coming events.

- Richard

Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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Hi Nicole.

Michael was a real trooper at the weekend in Dunmanway and did the Galactic Academy proud!  Lookig forward to seeing you both  (and his Jedi Grandad) at a future event!



Keith #1 TK / DS 51769  "Show me, Grandfather. And I will finish what you started."



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