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  1. Adding Susie my better half who's happy to help out and crew for this one.
  2. Sign me up for this one, as RC Boss as 2/3 of my pre clearance troops. But should have my photos submitted by the 10th. (*Pre-clearance approved by CO)
  3. until

    Right, train tickets booked. So see ye all on that day, camera in tow. Also what time is everyone intending to arrive as my train lands just before 11am Sunday morning at Huston station, if anyone is around can grab a coffee before the event?
  4. until

    Changing my sign-up to Clone Commando Boss (*pre-clearance approved by CO)
  5. until

    Count me in.
  6. until

    Happy to crew up on this one.
  7. until

    Happy to crew for this one.
  8. until

    Happy to jump onto this one as crew for now. But if my clone commando build is finished by then will troop in that if its OK
  9. Hello @Atrejias I'm not a member yet as I'm still working on my build. But if your plans change and you make your way down to Cork. Let me know and I'd happy to meet up for a coffee or beer to say hello.
  10. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong here, but think the Tusken fall under the rebels so this link to the costume standards is a good place to start https://rebellegion.com/?s=Raider
  11. I'm still learning and getting to know everyone. But I've done a few events as crew and they are alot fun. My costume, is a working progress. As I've been waiting on the armour pieces. But I have been working on a sound glove and a modular DC-17m. I'm not expert in electronics but if you need a hand or direction on that side of things, I'm happy help where I can.
  12. Well hopefully it wont have to come to that lol. Not sure I could part with mine. You also can take part in events as crew, its a great way to learn the ropes and get to know other members. It's also important to help out the TKs and others wearing buckets as its pretty hard to see out through them.
  13. Hello Mark and welcome, cool choice to start off with .
  14. Unfortunately dont have Instagram, but the handle I'm guessing your a fellow hottoys/sideshow collector?
  15. until

    Hey All, Think I will have to put myself down to crew for this one. As my RC outfit most likely wont be ready in time for the event. So I'll bring myself, a camera and crew for it
  16. Hi Keith, Funny on how you dived right in, as its pretty much how I started here also. Met lads down at the May the 4th film festival a few months back. After one conversaion had my outfit ordered and I am now hooked. As Shane and Daniel said everyone here is extremely helpful, and approcable if your ever stuck on something. Personally I found digging around on the builds in the form and chatting with the people, has given me great insight on little tips and tricks. Welcome aboard
  17. until

    Sign me up for this one, fingers crossed I will have my costume by then. If not I will crew
  18. I would agree with the lads here, September would give you the best chance of good weather here. Also with schools open that month most tourist attractions etc are not as busy during the weekdays.
  19. until

    Would be happy to crew for this one.
  20. until

    Sign me up for crew on this one and the better half will be joining me help also.
  21. Hello Lauren, welcome. I'm only here a few days myself and only starting out. But happy to help and answer if I can. The live action Ahsoka would be awesome.
  22. Had a gander at the thread there and it looks really good. Would follow you on istagram, but dont have an account lol, so followed the thread here and looking forward to seeing your progress.
  23. Thanks Stephen, Very much apprecated, can I ask what build have you gone for?
  24. Thanks for the the welcome Andrea and for the info that both the 501st and RL can clear the choice in costume.
  25. Hi Daniel, Will do, and I have thrown my name in the hat to help out with the Street Collection for the Relay for life on the 10th June. So I'm looking forward to that. I will no doubt have plenty of questions once the kit arrives, so for sure I will be popping into the 48-clone-trooper-detachment page to ask for help and show my progress Susie says hello back
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