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  1. until

    What times the troop for exactly ? And how long ?
  2. until

    OK so I won't text the icons crew for assembly It does sound rather last minute although I love the cause
  3. until

    Sara as crew Reel Icons Black Widow Saturday and Sunday
  4. until

    Yuatja signing up Saturday Let the hunt begin ️Sunday Both days...
  5. until

    Dan lols ... ha ha absolutely.. hope you get better soon brother @tipperaryred OK Spiderman confirmed and on route Warmachine punisher on route too which means I'll drop my war machine and do moonknight @kingdom.trooper List updated
  6. until

    List ammendment made
  7. until

    Reel icons attending Warmachine (bringing the rain) Black widow Awaiting captain america and iron-man and Spiderman to confirm Mini Icons deadpool Endor campus : wicket (ewok)
  8. until

    Definitely can't make this 2 moro guys ... I'm afraid Also font hill is liffey valley not jervis lol
  9. Signing up Ewok Wicket (endor campus) Leroy
  10. No probs Icons has it covered
  11. until

    I can cover liffey valley again
  12. Signing up Batman Black widow Warmachine Mini Icons: Deadpool, yellow ranger, miles morales
  13. until

    See ya Sunday amy Buzz me I'll get ya at the door so you won't que
  14. until

    Madde I'm only seeing this now I put you down for Sunday it should have been Saturday which do you prefer ? I can change it
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