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  1. until

    Yeah saw that just the first few lines read 24th was all I was think wait now that's a Wednesday lol
  2. until

    Also is Saturday not the 20th ?
  3. until

    No Ri so I'll do Jawa over night 12th
  4. until

    Actually maybe just the Sunday just thinking I'll have to check closer
  5. until

    New monkey business George ... Nice is it finished
  6. until

    I'll do Deadshot one day and maybe bane or Jawa or maybe RoboCop the next not sure but both
  7. until

    Cool bro that's awesome Avengers assemble !!
  8. until

    Deadshot signing up
  9. until

    Agent Hill .. Captain America and Fury !! And the SuV ... Awww yuss!
  10. until

    Lego ! I've got ya
  11. until

    May sign up GA mini Matt as the Ewok too
  12. until

    Noice !
  13. until

    Signing up as Nick Fury and can bring The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D SUV If there is some outdoor or indoor place to display it ? Or might just bring Jawa Kinga
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