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  1. Welcome the empire is most pleased that your here
  2. until

    Running clearance right up to it ... we encourage you get it in at least the 2 days before the event so we can get a look at it but if you wanna show us what you got before hand you can do that too Look forward to seeing what your working on
  3. until

    No hassle new forum were all tryna get use to it Yeah we should be able to sort that out you'll be with us but you just have your own ticket is what you tell them I'll get on that to make sure as a few are doing it ... you will be able to change with us too so dont worry
  4. until

    Vader Reporting for Duty possibly both days
  5. until

    @Itsameseadpool Sign up was closed (on the free tickets provided to the club) unfortunately bud see my post above yours ... But we would be delighted if you are still coming to represent RII With the limited tickets in play ... there are many that will be paying there own way in to dcc as we only got 10 tickets for each day which are all taken at this point If your bringing both costumes Saturday great youll still be able to change in with us And look forward to catching up
  6. until

    Reel icons dcc sign up closed this end guys Some members dont have access to the forums yet or had difficulty so we have everyone on the list here covered from oisin down and others not on the forums yet or in the sign up process Some have bought there own tickets too Due to limited numbers Anyone still attending though please do let us know here and what costume what days the more the merrier .... Also a reminder to get all costumes into us for clearance asap
  7. until

    Got you Aiobheann
  8. until

    Signing Megan up for reel shes contacted me saying she cant get signed in to the forum shes having technicals... still working on trying to get
  9. until

    Both days thanks reelicons costumes to be confirmed
  10. until

    Dave I may go to this or malin head at this point I dont mind .. Predicament is 2 vaders at portmagee is pointless ? Or is it ?... so after reading malin head requires iconic characters but has the same problem with rsvp there too... I'm just like whatever As a back up I'm currently working on the jawa for rebel legion this means so for future reference I have a generic costume that fits in anywhere like the storm trooper Good luck sorting it out I feel your pressure ha ha
  11. until

    @Mobprop667 no hassle I just thought if Sean's doing Vader at portmagee well then no point in me going there as it's my only costume and I'd do it at malin head instead... however actually hes TBA on the cossie and I'm nearly done with my jawa and ! If passed I might switch camp back to portmagee as the sign up is closed on both anyway .. See how I am running up to it ... but either way we drink whiskEy before then worst case Bro I'll stay here for the min though
  12. until

    Confirmed your profile is live we can see it
  13. until

    Iconic character needed this troop and vaders already at portmagee ... we'll drink whisky kevin And we can spoon john lol
  14. until

    VADER reporting in ...
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