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  1. You took awhile bro ????
  2. Awesome do we have an idea does anyone want to go and watch this movie too or just troop ? We must be there around 6:30 to get ready .. trooping by 7pm till screen time .. show our faces and dekit and watch the movie or up to you troop awhile longer or just head home But let me know numbers for screening Thanks guys
  3. Which costume George ?
  4. Also to point out ticket to the screening is available if you want to watch it guys Just let me know
  5. Lord Vader Reporting for duty And Ewok cadets/galactic academy
  6. Hi Micheal welcome back ... If you need any assistance with RI let me know ????
  7. until

    Alison and John Donaldson added to the list for sunday then
  8. until

    I've updated the Reel icons list now Some of our members have fallen sick and not attending Some are now on tickets with other clubs to free up tickets here for other icons members I will go over the Ri reserve list now and see what tickets are left ...and update again
  9. until

    Whats the reserve list like now ? Anyone not going because they dont have a ticket Sat or Sunday?
  10. until

    Signing vader up too as well as RI costumes
  11. Welcome the empire is most pleased that your here
  12. until

    Running clearance right up to it ... we encourage you get it in at least the 2 days before the event so we can get a look at it but if you wanna show us what you got before hand you can do that too Look forward to seeing what your working on
  13. until

    No hassle new forum were all tryna get use to it Yeah we should be able to sort that out you'll be with us but you just have your own ticket is what you tell them I'll get on that to make sure as a few are doing it ... you will be able to change with us too so dont worry
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