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Icelandic Garrison Members visiting Dublin.


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Hello my friends

My name is Hilmir and I´m the Commanding Officer for Icelandic Garrison. 

Me and my 501st friend Benedikt will be visiting Dublin nov 30th to Dec 3rd and we would love to meet up with local members for a pint, chat and some trading 🙂 

Hope to see some of you


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Hello Hilmir (and Benedikt)!

Thanks so much for reaching out to us. It would be great to try and meet when you are here.

I am not based in Dublin, but the majority of our members are.

Hopefully calendars will align for a meet up and “a pint” or two 😁



Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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Hi Hilmar, unfortunately I had to travel North and won't be able to make it to Dublin while you are here. I shall put a reminder in our group chat that you are here and hopefully some of our members near Dublin can meet you. Enjoy your visit!





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