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Dear 501st


My name is Conrad Goodman. I’m originally from Antrim but I’m living now in Renfrew in Scotland working as a Aircraft Engineer for British Airways for the last 10 years. (Still have my accent) 😀

I’m 45 years old and have been a Star Wars fan since the age of 5 when I seen my first Luke Skywalker toy figure. 

I’ve only recently got involved in the whole costume building thing and after talking to a member of the Imperial Scottish Garrison I’ve decided to get involved and bring back my childhood love of Star Wars. 
I use to be a member of the Limerick Musical Society back in 2010 so I’m use to acting and dressing up 😊 there’s a few YouTube clips of me 😴

To be honest only a few weeks ago I had no idea the 501st even existed. I’m so chuffed to see that there are people just like me out there. Obviously not as handsome as me 😂😂

Anyway……..I’m in the middle of building a Scout Trooper (Biker Scout) outfit and have been accepted on the 501st.scot email forum.

I’m only at the start of my WIP so it’ll be a few months yet to be cleared by my Armourer over here at the 501st.scot.

Here’s the thing. I’m over home loads of times during the year.

Apologies for my ignorance. This is all new to me.


The reason of this message is to ask you two questions.


  1. Would I be allowed/welcome to go on Troops with yourselves when I can fly home?
  2. And is it even allowed to troop with other people from other garrisons?


That actually sounds silly reading that back to myself but I just need to find out?


Thank you for taking the time to read all this and I’m hoping to hear from you soon.


Conrad ☘️


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Hi Conrad and welcome to our forum! The answer to your question is easy and it's yes. In the end we are all part of a bigger worldwide family either if it's 501st (bad guys) or Rebel Legion (good guys) or Reel Icons (non star wars characters). The only thing needed is a cleared costume...then if you follow the instructions in this thread on how to request international access you'll be able to see events in our calendar and request to participate. 


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Rebel Legion Ireland Commanding Officer
Rebel Legion Ireland Merchandise Officer
501st Ireland Garrison Webmaster


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Hi Conrad and welcome, once cleared you will be more than welcome to troop with us😊.

You could also crew on troops too while waiting on your clearance if you wanted too when you are over, we are always on the look out for helpers during a troop, it is a important job and vital part of trooping 👍

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Welcome! No silly questions here at all. 

if you have any other queries or anything you’re unsure of, definitely drop a message. More than enough helpful folk here. 🙂

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Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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