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Hi there,

Haven’t dipped my toe into costuming yet but I can sew so have notions of being able to make something fab when I have the time and the money. To do list includes handmaiden battle outfit or possibly Merrin from Fallen Order 

I just back to Ireland having lived in Toronto for many years. There I read the comics a good bit because we had a nearby comic book store but haven’t picked up anything since moving home. Any want to recommend their local comic book store? 

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Welcome to the forums!

Very nice to do list - if you have any questions or need any direction on these -  feel free to ask. We're a friendly bunch!


9 hours ago, Waitwhat said:

Any want to recommend their local comic book store

Where's local for you? I'd recommend the Waterford Comic Book store as my local, however, may be a bit of a journey if you're based in Dublin 🙂


Everything a price has, however, isn’t always money, the price is. 


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Welcome to the forums.

As Richard said, it all depends on where you are living.

In Dublin, there's Dublin City Comics, Big Bang Comics & Forbidden Planet - they are the ones I can recall as I don't buy comics myself.


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