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Visiting member and patch trade


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Greetings Ireland Garrison! My name is Jim Smith/82161, and I am with the 501st New England Garrison USA. My wife and I are visiting your beautiful country for vacation, and will be in Dublin for 2 days out of our 10 day trip. On Monday, November 6th, we will be on our own outside are tour group, and I was hoping to do a patch trade with whomever is lucky enough to run into me. You can contact me via Email (jamessm165@comcast.net) once i get a definite plan on what I will be doing that day. I know the Guiness Factory is on our list of sites that day, just have to nail down a time. Hope to hear from one of you, and happy trooping!

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19 hours ago, Straight Razor said:

Hello Jim

Where about in Dublin are you staying?

Greetings to you! 2 night in Dublin at the Riu Plaza-The Gresham on O'Connell St.  I will be at the Irish House Party for 6pm to 9:30 on Sunday. Monday will be the Guiness Storehouse...our tour starts around 3:45, but should be there earlier. Then off to the Clarence Hotel for dinner at 6pm or so, at the Cleaver East at 6 Essex St E. My wife and I will probably wander around ourselves between these events, but that's pretty much our plans in Dublin before moving on the tour! If i can connect with soneone...great...sort of like "Where's Waldo" lol  anyone who finds me, gets the prize!


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19 hours ago, SyntaxError said:

Hello Jim!

Will you be touring other parts of the country or just Dublin?

Either way - hopefully you have a great time and get to meet some of the garrison!

Greetings fellow trooper! I gave a brief, but descriptive lowdown on my basic plans while on my tour in Dublin for 2 days before i move on. (See other post). I will be wearing this hat, so spotting a over 6 foot fellow wearing it shouldn't be to hard!  Lol.  First one to find me gets 3 patches!


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