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Muppet ( aussie Redback ) visiting


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Gday fellow 501st Brothers and Sisters, 
My wife DS8996 Cougar and myself SL8995 Muppet, of the Redback Garrison ( Queensland Australia ) will be visiting your beautifull country in Feb 2020.

Will be in Dublin Saturday 8th Feb and Sunday 9th Feb, 
Then in Belfast, Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th Feb. 

Would be nice to meet up for a Guinness and some local cuisine. Staying in the centre parts of each city. Feel free to add me on Facebook, Ken Seymour.



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We arrive lunchtime Saturday 8th into Dublin- plan to visit the main tourist things and of course, the Guinness factory. We"re free for dinner/drinks that evening, staying at Buswells hotel in the city centre. So something close to that would be good. We're also free Sunday evening as well. 

Will bring a couple of our Redback Garrison patches, trading cards and my personal patch.

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just bumping this up, will be hanging around Dublin Saturday   Guiness factory ) and Sunday evenings. Wont have access to this forum, but will be on Facebook, if anyone is keen to have a bite to eat or a drink. Have a few patches if anyone is keen to trade.



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