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  1. until

    Can you sign me up both days. Shadow Trooper/Black Ranger.
  2. until

    Sign me up. Shadow Trooper.
  3. until

    Signing down guys.
  4. until

    Signing down guys. Something came up and won't be able to attend.
  5. until

    Sorry guy's. Signing down from both. Can't make it.
  6. until

    Sign me up. Shadow Trooper.
  7. Welcome to the Legion.
  8. until

    Sign me up both days. Kylo Ren.
  9. until

  10. until

    Put me down as a maybe for Saturday and I can attend Sunday. Had to check my hours so I'll know closer to the time. Sorry for the confusion
  11. until

    Signing down. If I decide to go. I'll pay my own way in.
  12. until

    I'll bring Black Ranger too
  13. until

    Sign me up both days. Shadow Trooper
  14. until

    Signing up. Kylo Ren
  15. until

    Fee paid. My Mother will be joining me to take part in the Relay.
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