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    What is the real date I will go if Sat or Sunday but I need to know. There are two different dates listed. 30th and 31st.
  2. Will talk about Vader and focus on the helmet
  3. Signing up as Vader
  4. Signing Up DV
  5. until

    Guys and Gals, The really team will be proceeding with a virtual event and are looking to fundraise as much as possible. They are selling candle bags as they normally do and are asking for inventive ways to drive donations as well. They have a website and we will be setting up a team site where donations can be made. Regards, John
  6. until

    Cancelled This event was cancelled due to Covid virus concerns around large public gatherings. August DCC event will happen later in the year and we aim to move our support and presence over to that event. For those on personal tickets they are to be honored in August or a refund can be requested.
  7. until

    Hi I will refresh the list tonight I’m in New York at the moment.
  8. until

    I am going with Family. John Vader and Kurgan (club ticket) both days Oisin as Joker (club ticket) both days Ruadhan as Spider-Man and Jawa (own ticket) both days Winnie as Jawa (own ticket) Saturday only
  9. until
    Cancelled - This event was cancelled due to Covid virus concerns around large public gatherings. August DCC event will happen later in the year and we aim to move our support and presence over to that event. Dublin City Comic Con is always a fantastic event and will once again be held in The National Convention Centre in Spencer Dock in Dublin. It partners with Make A Wish Foundation and we can step across and provide support via Photos ops . A secure and safe changing room will be provided. But advised given scale of event to bring some provisions as refreshments can be hit and miss with so much going on. Entrance is typically by left side cargo door at about 8.15 to 8.30am Parking is advised in the college campus on the same road for 8 euro approx per day. This event is open to all four clubs If you have an approved costume (and therefore you are an approved Member) you can mark your attendance using the specific button and then please comment indicating which costume will you bring to the event. If you are not a member yet and therefore you don't see the specific button to join the event, you can still help out as crew. To join as crew simply comment into the event to let us know you would love to help out as crew. We have spaces for 10 Star Wars Club Members (501st and Rebel Legion) and 10 Reel Icons Members. If your both that’s great bring both. So its first come first served. PLEASE SPECIFY DAY(S) YOU WANT TO ATTEND AND COSTUME(S) VIA POST BELOW. EVENT - Dublin Comic Con LOCATION - The Convention Centre DATE - Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March TIME - 8.30am - 5.30pm COSTUMES - 501st, RL, GA, RI STAFF DEALING WITH EVENT - John/Sean/Matt POC: Karl/ Teo DCC Rosters (If you are traveling on your own ticket and are listed as a club ticket please let us know as there are people in reserve.) Reel Icons Saturday 1. Matt 2. Tina 3. Aidan 4. Aiobheann 5. Oisin 6. Naomi 7. Ste lynch 8. Daisy Sunday 1. Matt 2. Tina 3. Alan 4. Ste lynch 5. Stephen Mcall 6. Aidan 7. Donna 8. Karl 9. Alison D 10. John D Confirmed and making there own way 1. Jonathan both days 2. Gordon both days 3. Daisy Sunday 4. Alan on saturday 5. Aiobheann on sunday 501st / RL Saturday Star Wars List: 1) John 2) Shane, 3) Sean 4) Andi, 5) Amy 6) Shane H 7)George 8)Siobhan 9)Christy 10) Revanchist Own Tickets Winnie, Ruadhan Sunday Star Wars 1) John, 2) Shane 3)Sean, 4) Andi, 5)Amy, 6Siobhan, 7)Noel 8; Christy 9) Andrea 10) Open slot Reserve List Own tickets Giorgi
  10. until

    Signing up John, Winnie, Ruadhan, Oisin and Annette 6 costumes but consider it 2 expense slots if I make the cut I cant take that many slots.
  11. until

    Also if people can't attend both days please indicate as this may free a slot for another on 1 day if the organisers are ok with that.
  12. until

    John, Winnie, Annette, Ruadhan and Oisin signing up. Will see if I can get a few more
  13. Many welcomes and I hope we get to met may be at DCC?
  14. until

    I'm sure Harley would be welcome
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