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  1. until

    It will be Sunday for me as vader and oisin will likely join as crew
  2. until

    I'll be there as Vader but will update which days later.
  3. until

    John/Sean - Vader / Space Marine Oisin - Staff / Invincible Winnie - Jawa (Own Ticket) Ruadhan - Five/ Jawa / Spiderman (Own Ticket)
  4. until
    Organiser: John O' Dwyer 0879559696 Applicable Clubs: 501st, Rebel Legion, Reel Icons and Galactic Academy Time: Sat 6th August 9am-6pm Sun 7th August 9am-6pm Location: Convention Centre Dublin, Spencer Dock, Dublin Event POC: Karl This is the biggest comic con in the country and we have been given our usual generous allocation of 20 tickets per day. Those applying need to specify which days they need. We can ask for a few more if slightly over without taking the piss. We will have our tables on the main floor and will patrol there and more broadly as needed. We will be collecting for Irish Cancer Society when we can. Changing room will be provided as usual on second floor. BUT WE MUST ENSURE WE CLEAN AS WE GO AS LAST YEAR WE HAD A COMPLAINT ABOUT CONDITION ROOM WAS LEFT IN. I DONT CARE WHICH GROUPS DID OR DIDNT DO IT WE GOT TO WORK TOGETHER TO ENSURE WE MAINTAIN YOUR GOOD STANDING AT THIS EVENT. Arrive at about 8.30 and enter via side doors and or front if there is DCC staff member there to tag you. Be aware there is weapon checks for weapon props. Attending: Both days list: John/Sean - Vader / Space Marine Oisin - Staff / Invincible Winnie - Jawa (Own Ticket) Ruadhan - Five/ Jawa / Spiderman (Own Ticket) Shiobhan - Rey Christy - Vader and snowie Amy - versio and Nihlus Aidan - Tie Pilot, deadpool and Cap Todd - TK Jamie - Kylo and Tie Pilot Sheila - Antihope and Two mini Icons spidey and wonderwoman (Own tickets) Sara - Black widow and (3 mini Icons Deadpool, yellow ranger, miles morales Own tickets) Matt - Multiple costumes Alan Fay - Batman and robocop ocp 001 Daisy crew and agent hill Saturday only list: Andreas - Jawa George - TBA Announced Richard- TK , Shadow scout Lisa - Tie (Own ticket) Graham - Chewie Alan - Tie TUDD - TK / Ti Chris - TBA Tina - X-Wing Cadet - Hazel Cadet - Conor Cadet - Lily Sunday only list: Gary - Jawa Lisa - Tie Dan - Delmeeko (confirmed) Donna - TBA Karl - TBA Naomi - Harley Quinn Madde - Boush Amy - Black Canary and mini Icons Black canary (Own tickets)
  5. until

    Signing up as vader, possible 2nd person in Jawa
  6. until

    All our tickets are with me currently. We have 20 weekend tickets that are non transferable. That is 20 unique tickets that cover 1 person for the weekend. Set up time is 1-8 pm on Friday with entrance via cargo door on right hand side of building. Floor plan has us at back right hand side on ground floor as you enter from lobby. https://www.dublincomiccon.com/traderslist
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    You should be good Blackfrost
  8. until

  9. until

    Signing up John - Vader ESB, Reel Icons TBD. Winnie - Jawa Oisin - Revan, Invincible Ruadhan - Number Five Will buy our own tickets If we exceed 20 slots provided per day
  10. until

    What is the real date I will go if Sat or Sunday but I need to know. There are two different dates listed. 30th and 31st.
  11. Will talk about Vader and focus on the helmet
  12. Signing up as Vader
  13. Signing Up DV
  14. until

    Guys and Gals, The really team will be proceeding with a virtual event and are looking to fundraise as much as possible. They are selling candle bags as they normally do and are asking for inventive ways to drive donations as well. They have a website and we will be setting up a team site where donations can be made. Regards, John
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    Cancelled This event was cancelled due to Covid virus concerns around large public gatherings. August DCC event will happen later in the year and we aim to move our support and presence over to that event. For those on personal tickets they are to be honored in August or a refund can be requested.
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