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  1. until

    Can you sign me up for saturday for TK. Cadet lily as well.
  2. until

    All of the accommodation has been taken matt, you are still welcome to come if you can sort your own lodging. I have lots of whiskey!
  3. until

    Just to add.....you must have a cleared costume for this troop. Also, if you live near the area and dont need accommodation, you are still welcome to troop.
  4. until

    I have added noel. Two more spaces left.
  5. until

    Sign me up.
  6. until

    Sign me up as tk
  7. until

    Hey guys, I'm going to have to sign down from the pink tie event on the 14th. There has been a scheduling conflict with something that I had already committed to, and also I just dont have the money to drive to kilkenny and back. Very sorry about this but it cant be avoided.
  8. until

    I'll be happy to sign up to this as tk.
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