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  1. until

    Sign me up for both days!
  2. until

    Sign me up for Rey. I’ll be staying in my Aunt’s house
  3. until

    Yay GrandPalpy!
  4. until

    Sign me up for Saturday as Rey. I’ll be there Sunday but not as a costume that’s cleared
  5. until

    Sign me up as Rey!
  6. until

    Oops I need more coffee
  7. until

    Is it too late for me to sign up for Saturday? I’m double vaccinated
  8. until

    No problem. I’m fully vaccinated and just waiting on my booster shot
  9. until

    Sign me up as Rey for the Saturday!
  10. Hi Alice! I can’t wait to troop with you!
  11. until

    I’m signing down as I’ll be in the UK visiting my family. Have an amazing time
  12. until

    Rey pending on travel
  13. Sign me up as Rey
  14. Sign me up as Rey
  15. Sign me up as Rey! I can’t wait to get back in my Rey buns! Does it have to be a plain background or?
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