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  1. until

    Signing up costume to be confirmed
  2. until

    Lol are we mad or what , lol no drinking Friday night for us lol
  3. until

    Signing up , costume to be confirmed
  4. until

  5. until

    Nobody heading that way by car unless Shane is going from Drogheda as I am taking the bus from Balbriggan
  6. until

    Sorry that should have been Imperial Officer, lol
  7. until

    Okay I will sign up for Swords , costume will be either FOTK or Internet Officer
  8. until

    Sounds good lol
  9. until

    And also staying from Friday to Monday
  10. until

    Signing up as either FOTK or Imperial Officer and seeing that accommodation is now from the Friday I will travel down on the Friday rather than Saturday
  11. Okay seeing that my Mandolorian is not ready yet and still have a lot of work to carry out on my FOTK I might just bring along Corneileus as the weather is supposed to be sunny and dry but I will need a table and chair as I have makeup and glue to apply so Dave could you find out if this can be arranged ?
  12. until

    Sorry Guys I will be signing down from the Sunday but I will be there on Saturday, costume will be 'Corneileus '
  13. until

    Singing up , costume: Mandolorian
  14. until

  15. until

    Costume confirmed is Mandolorian
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