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  1. until

    Hi Dave, yes I am still good for those dates in August for Portmagee
  2. until

    And another one bites the dust!
  3. until

    Ahh just lock yourself away with a bottle of whiskey on Paddy's Day lol
  4. until

    Hopefully this still goes a head costume to be confirmed
  5. until

    Costume : Preatorian Guard
  6. until

    What's the story about this troop is it now on the Monday as I signed down from DCC on the Sunday to do this
  7. until

    I will be bringing my FOTK and First Order major/Colonel, unfortunately I don't have a pic yet of the First Order Major/Colonel costume yet as it will only be getting started next week. TK11256
  8. until

  9. until

    Okay I will be only doing one day now Saturday, costume to be confirmed
  10. until

    Signing up for both days, costume to be confirmed
  11. until

    Oh very sorry to hear this
  12. until

    Okay I am only going to be attending one of the days, not sure which day yet but will confirm ASAP
  13. until

    Okay I will only be brining a 501st costume as my POTA is not ready.
  14. until

    Signing up for both days, costume to be confirmed
  15. until

    Sign me up, registration fee sent
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