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  1. Yeah as far as I know Bus Éireann are only taking less than 20 passengers per bus?
  2. Okay just to let you know that there is a limited number allowed on Bus Éireann services so if I can't get a seat then I won't be able to troop, so fingers crossed
  3. I will be heading home straight after troop
  4. Okay I will be bringing my Imperial Officers Costume tomorrow and facemask lol
  5. Haven't decided but will either be FOTK or old Imperial Officer
  6. Okay put me down as a maybe for this, will confirm tomorrow
  7. I forgot as we can always use normal facemasks while kitting up
  8. Also if someone needs help in kitting up will social distancing still be in force
  9. Is there a limit on how many can troop?
  10. Thats brilliant guys, hopefully something will happen up Dublin way soon
  11. until

    Hi Dave, yes I am still good for those dates in August for Portmagee
  12. until

    And another one bites the dust!
  13. until

    Ahh just lock yourself away with a bottle of whiskey on Paddy's Day lol
  14. until

    Hopefully this still goes a head costume to be confirmed
  15. until

    Costume : Preatorian Guard
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