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  1. until

    Sorry guys but I have decided to sign down now from this troop and nothing to do with covid but I have been cast for a lead role in a feature film and I have 65 page script to learn by the the time we start shooting from December 4th to December 11th so I need all spare time I can get. So hopefully then my next troop will be Yulefeast unless things change for the worst , fingers crossed. Anyway guys have have a great troop .
  2. until

    Unfortunately I have to sign down from Saturday but I will be attending Sunday instead.
  3. until

    Okay I would like to go for December 12th with overnight stay , costume will either be Mandolorian if ready or First Order Officer
  4. until

    I will have to sign down from the Saturday but will be attending the Sunday now as 'Corneileus '
  5. until

    Just to say I apologise for having to sign down from this very worthy event but some potential film work has come up down in County Carlow and will possibly run late into Sunday. Anyway have a good one guys
  6. until

    Okay well unfortunately with the change of date I will have to sign down , really sorry about this but I wasn't 100% due to transport .
  7. until

    Can do this but really dependent on lift ? Costume : Imperial Officer or First Order Officer
  8. until

    Okay might be only able to attend one of the days as I may have a screening to attend on the Saturday, not 100% sure at the moment as there are only allowed 20-26 people to attend so names may have to be drawn from a hat so should know for definite by this Monday.
  9. until

    That's what it really is Dave , lol
  10. until

    New Prosthetic Mask and Tunic/trousers and hands .
  11. until

    Signing up for both days at the moment but that might change to one day depending on filming. Costume : New Corneileus!
  12. until

    Would love to do this but would be depending on a lift , costume to be confirmed
  13. until

    Sorry guys I ment to confirm earlier but been filming the last couple of days but I won't be able to make it this Sunday I am hoping I have my new costumes ready by next troop . Anyway enjoy and have a good one .
  14. Sorry guys I will have to sign down due to change of date and a change of circumstances with my Son as he's recovering at home for next few days before he heads back to his apartment in Dublin so need to be at home for tomorrow
  15. Yeah only available costume I have is Imperial Officer or else just crew
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