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    Im in Ashbourne, so not too far away. I managed to finish off most of the remaining pieces on my build -pics above. Just some tidying up left to do until the strapping material arrives in a few weeks and I can get paint for the chest buttons. In the meantime, I plan to move onto my doopy-doo build and install electronics. Im looking at getting rubber hand guards to replace the plastic ones that came with the kit. I’m also thinking of replacing the belt. It’s a bit flimsy. Trooper bay and imperialissue.com seem to be the recommended ‘go to’ places for both. Are there alternatives in Europe that members could recommend? thanks Damien
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    Thanks Chris (and Shane). That's great. No urgency on them. They can wait until after the lock-down has been lifted.
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    I know our CO, @welshchris77 produces silicone hand guards, if you'd like to ask him about making a pair for you. Keep up the great work.
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