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  1. until

    I can do Tallaght if available? if not Carrickmines. I will be TK stormtrooper Alan Browne
  2. until

    Sign me up for Carrickmines Dublin, please if still available. Costume TK Alan Browne (Alan Defel)
  3. until

    Can you sign me up as FOTK/TK. Please Alan (Debrun Fel)
  4. until

    Can you put me down for the Saturday as FOTK and maybe bikerscout too, please.
  5. until

    I have to sign down for Sunday as the wife and kid are both sick so my apologies.
  6. until

    Sign me up please for the Sunday. Costume FOTK and possible TK, please Alan
  7. until

    All good for Tallaght Saturday Alan Browne TK
  8. until

    Can you sign me up for Tallaght as TK...if still available. Alan Browne TK
  9. until

    Put me down please for TK...may bring FOTK as well but see. Alan (Fel) Debrun
  10. until

    Can you sign me up for TK please, Regards Alan De Brun
  11. until

    Can you sign me up for Saturday as TK - Alan (De Brun Fel), please.
  12. until

    Could you sign me up as TK, please Probably only able to do 10am till 2:30pm De Brun Fel (Alan)
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