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  1. My wife and I had a fantastic visit to Ireland! Thanks to Ken and Shane for dropping by our hotel in Trim for some Star Wars chat and swag trading. We especially enjoyed stopping by the Smyth's Toy Store troop on Saturday to see Shane again, and to meet Andrea and Sean! A.J.
  2. Daniel -- Cool! As it happens, our last night will be at the Travelodge hotel in Swords, as we wanted to stay near the airport. I just checked on the store location on Google maps, and it may even be within walking distance from our hotel. A.J.
  3. Can't believe how quickly our trip has come around. This time next week -- plus a few hours -- we'll be on an Aer Lingus jet on our way to Ireland. Since my original post, we've extended our visit by a few days. The earlier part of our itinerary stays the same, but instead of heading back to Dublin on the 21st, we'll instead go to Glendalough/Wicklow for two nights, back to Dublin on the 23rd, and flying home on the 24th. I'm so glad we decided to add a few more days! A.J.
  4. This all sounds awesome, guys. We can hardly wait for our trip. A.J.
  5. Hey, it's all set -- we have our itinerary, plane tickets and everything! September is still a few months away, so when it gets closer I'll post something up so we can hopefully meet up with some of you. But for now, the brief rundown is this: We'll arrive in Dublin on the morning of Wednesday the 13th and be there for two nights, then in Killarney on the 15th and 16th, and then Galway the 17th and 18th. We'll return to Dublin on the 19th where we'll rent a car and head to Carlingford, and then down to Trim on the 20th. And finally back to Dublin on the 21st, and flying home on the 22nd. We are really looking forward to this, and hope to meet some of you! A.J.
  6. Looks like September it is, then. Still working on things, but it looks like it will be the 10 days beginning either on the 11th or the 18th. Don't have an itinerary yet -- so much planning to do! -- but our trip will begin and end in Dublin. Thanks, everyone! A.J.
  7. Hi everyone! My wife (ID-61950) and I have been wanting to visit your wonderful country for years, and we're finally making plans to do so either this coming September, or next April. After years of waiting, now that it's actually going to happen we're finding it hard to wait for our trip! We don't have exact dates or itinerary yet, but we do know that no matter where we go or what we do, we'll be starting and ending our visit in Dublin. We'd love to meet up with anyone available while we're there. And I'm sure that as our trip gets closer, I'll be asking lots of questions. For now, just a quick one: Which of our target months has the best weather -- September or April? Thanks! A.J. Hamler TK-51351
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