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Movies @ Swords - The Empire Strikes Back

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Hey folks, We have a troop for you!, yay! 

Matt has kindly been in touch with the cinema and they are putting on a screening for us of 'The Empire Strikes back'

7:40 screening and we will be required to enter the screening but troop 45mins before screening, any questions please reach out to Matt in the members chat.

Social distancing in effect.



EVENT - The Empire Strikes Back
LOCATION - Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre
DATE - Monday July 13th
POC - Matt Hodge
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion/GA
Matt - Darth Vader
George - Imperial officer
Emmanuel - Jedi
Jamie - Kylo Ren
Shane - shadow scout 
Ken - Gunner
+1 - Ewok 
+1 - Jawa 

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Awesome do we have an idea does anyone want to go and watch this movie too or just troop ? 

We must be there around 6:30 to get ready .. trooping by 7pm till screen time .. show our faces and dekit and watch the movie or up to you troop awhile longer or just head home 


But let me know numbers for screening 


Thanks guys 

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Okay just to let you know that there is a limited number allowed on Bus Éireann services so if I can't get a seat then I won't be able to troop, so fingers crossed 

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I'm also just trooping. (Not staying for the movie, would've been cool, but work next day)

I think I might also be affected by reduced bus capacity, hoping for the best

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