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[Cancelled] St Patricks Day Parade Balbriggan - Tuesday March 17th


Event details


This one took a little time to organise.  Its the first time w have been asked for public liability insurance.  It is something we could see a little more in the future.  Not so much for events we are asked to attend, more so for events that we would like to attend ourselves (parades, cons etc.).  Anyway, the upshot of it is I've managed to get the event company running the event to arrange for Fingal County Council to cover us under their event policy so we're good to go.  

I've arranged for us to get changed in the Bracken Court Hotel which is the same hotel we used to get changed two years ago when we were at this parade before.  For those that are going to troop at this one, keep warm.  There is a wind that would cut right through you on the main street if its a cold and windy day.  The atmosphere is great though.  Parade starts at 2pm, so arrival from 1230/1pm onwards

EVENT - St Patricks Day Parade
LOCATION - Balbriggan (changing in the Bracken Court Hotel)
DATE - Tuesday March 17th 
TIME - Ready to troop for 2pm - 3pm
COSTUMES - 501st, RL, GA, RI
POC: Lauren Skelton





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Hi all,
I'm Lorenzo, Commanding Officer for Rebel Legion Italian Base. Thanks to your invitation for St. Patrick, i'll soon visit your country with my family. So here i am to say you all hi

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1 hour ago, Emerald Trooper said:

Unfortunately guys as you've gathered already, the Balbriggan Parade has been cancelled for 2020.

No real sock here David.


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