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Relay for Life Wexford 2020


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Relay for Life Wexford 2020 (11-12 July)

**** note**** due to the pandemic this event is now a 'virtual relay', scroll to my latest post (page 2 on the thread) for details


Hey folks, registration has began for this years relay.
This will be the fourth year our clubs team 'The Empire Gives Back' will be taking part.

This year they are anticipating a huge demand for team places, luckily the relay committee keep a spot just for us ????  

Myself and John O'Dwyer (Ghostmaker) will again be taking on the roles of team captains so any questions just ask. 

*This event is open to all four clubs!!! (also many of us will be wearing costumes but you don't need a costume to take part in this!) 


Registration costs €10 per person and a deposit of €100 is required to secure our team place for 2020, this mean we need at least 10 members (hopefully alot more in due course) to kick this thing off.
This is where we will need your help, anyone wishing to register please pay me ASAP, cash would be easiest if you see me in person or else paypal me (friends and family please) to 8888888888888with a note attached 'registration fee for the Relay for life 2020', your registration fee also covers you for your relay T-Shirt, I will take sizes in due course.

I can then add you to the signup and also a Facebook chat group relating to this event.

If you ask anyone who was part of our team last year im sure they will all agree with me that this, along with Portmagee, is one of the most rewarding troop/events you will take part in and a truly team bonding experience.

Last year we helped raise over €130,000 ????

For anyone who hasn't heard about the relay for life here is some information:-

'Relay For Life is a 24 hour event that brings the whole community together to Celebrate the lives of cancer survivors, Remember those lost to the disease and Fight Back by increasing knowledge of cancer and raising money to fund vital research and services of the Irish Cancer Society.
At Relay, teams of family members and friends commit to having at least one member of their team walking around the track at all times. While they are doing that, a festival of fun, entertainment and community takes place which unites everybody in the fight against cancer.'

More info here:- https://www.relayforlifewexford.com/?fbclid=IwAR1IhNAM4cGCTKwr3KtP50CqE2ksyNYcooHP5HgcWHWIN0d083CFaYHsHyw

This is a great family event with lots of vendors, food, live bands and plenty of entertainment during the whole event!

1. It is a 24 hour event! - this mean you will be at the event for 24hrs!

2. Fundraising is a big part of the relay both during the event and leading up to it, sponsorship forms will be given out in due course to those signed up.

3. This is open to anyone, not just Garrison members, friends, family, acquaintances etc., the more members we can get on the team the more funds we can raise for this worthy cause!.

4. You don't have to be in costume for this but it would be great if you do!, some of us were last year and we had a great response entertaining the crowds 

Note:- If you have any friends or family who would like to join us then please invite them to do so, just mention it to us and we will add them to the sign-up

I will update this thread as and when more information comes in.

EVENT - Relay For Life Wexford 2020
LOCATION - Pairc Charman Wexford
DATE - July 11th-12th
TIME - (to be updated but usually around 2pm )
POC - Chris Lewis/John O'Dwyer
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion,  RII, GA



The Empire Gives back Members:-

1. Chris Lewis

2. John O'Dwyer

3. Alan Hynds

4. Tina Lewis

5. Aisling 

6. Winnie

7. Annette

8. Ruadhan

9. Oisin 

10. Jamie

11. Pierce

12. George

13. Chris Dempsey 

14. Amy

15. Dave

16. Shannon


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This date always clashes with my wife's birthday. I've asked her to move her birthday, but she said no. 

Gutted I won't be able to join you, but know I'll be with you in spirit.

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Just to clarify, we will add people to the members list 'once' they have paid their €10 registration fee.

This can be made to my PayPal account:-


In this way we can easily keep track of who has paid.

I will of course foward the money onto the relay commitee (during the team captain meetings) and post up receipts for complete transparency ????

Thanks everyone 

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9 hours ago, Shadow Trooper said:

Fee paid. 

My Mother will be joining me to take part in the Relay. 

Thanks Jamie????, will your mum be joining our team? 

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7 hours ago, Emerald Trooper said:

I’ve been in touch with Gay Chris.  I told her I’ll be bringing the screen screen down for a late night outdoor movie 

Excellent Dave, that is great news! ????

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9 minutes ago, stormtroopergeorge56 said:

Sign me up, registration fee sent 

Received with thanks George and added you to the members list! ????

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sign me up, but I may have to wait for a bit to send my registration fee due to college fees and monthly transport tickets just been paid ????

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On 2/4/2020 at 1:31 PM, DiamondDynamite said:

sign me up, but I may have to wait for a bit to send my registration fee due to college fees and monthly transport tickets just been paid ????

Payment received with thanks Shannon ????????

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Today is the deadline for anyone wishing to register as an official member of team 'The Empire Gives back', I have the registration form and need to fill in and let them know the number of members we will have, I will either post it off latter or hand it in.

So this is the last call, after today you can still volunteer to help out our team on the day of the relay or during fundraising events but you will not be an official team member or receive a relay T-shirt (when they are ordered).

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I have been in talks with the relay commitee again and apparently there were a few crossed wires, the form I submitted was for the 'initial registration', we made this deadline, thankfully????, the good news is we can add additional members up until May (cut off date will be updated)

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28 minutes ago, Shughes Trooper said:

Sign me up please if its not too late.

Indeed you can Shane, check my last post????

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1 minute ago, welshchris77 said:

Indeed you can Shane, check my last post????

Check the first post of the thread for registration payment details

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