Welcome to the Rebel Legion Ireland Base

Welcome to the Rebel Legion Ireland Base – our Base serves Republic of Ireland territory.

The Rebel Legion is an all-volunteer, non-profit international Star Wars costuming club whos aims are to raise money for charities, to support community events and promote the franchise through appearances their members make in costumes that represent all eras of the Star Wars Saga.

It has been formed in 2000 to bring together Star Wars costuming enthusiasts and fans, giving them a collective identity both online and offline to meet and have fun with membership now surpasses 3,000 members globally.

Each country or region will have their own ‘Base’. Base members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities.
Rebel Legion’s member’s research, build, craft and make their own costumes, in their own time and expense to appear at events.

Members are encouraged to strive for the highest level of screen accuracy and realism in order to bring the characters of the Star Wars universe to life.
As such it would be easy to mistake the Rebel Legion as a cosplay group but really we are a ‘costuming’ club; where accuracy and dedication to making the most authentic costumes is as important to our members as raising money for the charities we support.

As well as attending larger national and international events, our key objectives is also to give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend – large or small.

Latest Updates

  • Rebel Legion Ireland 31 March 2020
    Andrew Jack (Caluan Ematt in The Force Awakens / The Last Jedi, voice of Moloch in Solo: A Star Wars Story) passed away last evening due to Covid-19.
    Andrew Jack
    1944 - 2020
    Nechť tě provází Síla! :(
    Andrew Jack
    1944 - 2020
    May the Force be with you! :(

    #RebelLegion #TheRebelLegion
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 30 March 2020
    Our X-wing pilot would like to thank everyone fighting the fight against COVID-19. May the Force be with you all.

    #RebelLegion #RebelLegionie #WereTheGoodGuys #MTFBWY
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 18 March 2020
    A message from the Rebel Legion.
    We here at the Ireland base will not be attending any gatherings for the foreseeable future.

    We hope you all stay safe & together we can come through these troubled times.

    #WereTheGoodGuys #RebelLegion #RebelLegionIe #COVID19
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 17 March 2020
    Lá féile Padraig sona duit.

    From all at Rebel Legion Ireland Base, we wish you a happy Saint Patrick's day.

    #WereTheGoodGuys #RebelLegion #RebelLegionie #WearingTheGreen #SaintPatricksDay #StPatricksDay #LaFeilePadraig
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 14 March 2020
    A huge welcome to Emmanuel who had joined the Rebel Legion Ireland base with his jedi costume.

    Emmanuel has transferred from the Rebel Legion Costa Rica Base.

    #Welcome #CeadMileFailte #Werethegoodguys #RebelLegion #RebelLegionIe
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 13 March 2020
    Every little donation helps the work done by Aoibheann's Pink Tie.
    Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.
    Hi everyone Jimmy here from Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, we need your help.
    We have received reports from the families of children fighting c
    ancer in our Country that they are having great difficulty in getting Hand sanitizer and face masks to protect their very vulnerable children.
    We have secured a large amount of Hand sanitizer which we will distribute to the families of children in treatment at the moment and will do our very best to give all of the families a supply.
    If there are any companies that would be able to help us with Masks or Hand sanitizer our promise is that they will go to these extremely vulnerable families and Children.
    The Cancer Children’s ward is on lock down now, but we are still available if the families need us and we continue to supply Emergency bags Pyjamas Freddy vests and emergency funds, so really needed now.
    Linda O’Connell of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie will remain in the frontline of the Battle we are all in now and will answer the call of any family who needs us.
    If you can help us help the Families our heartfelt promise and wish is to make sure the families don’t have to go through any more stress than they already have.
    We are all seeing things we have never seen before, but I have found in times of great crisis that we are a great people and we will all stay together even if it is a meter apart.
    Now the wonder of Human compassion will bring out the best of us show the world the spirit of the Irish people, the mark of any society is the way it acts to protect the weakest among us.
    If you can help we can be contacted at info@aoibheannspinktie.ie
    Aoibheann’s Pink Tie PM us on our page.
    Our office 01 240 1332.

    We cannot use homemade sanitizer or masks I am sure you all understand.

    Team Aoibheann.
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 13 March 2020
    We stand together with our friends from 501st Legion Ireland to advise all citizens to stay safe during these troubled times. Please follow the state guidelines to help in the fight against COVID-19.

    We hope to be trooping again as soon as possible.

    #BeSafe #werethegoodguys #rebellegion #rebellegionie 501st Ireland
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 11 March 2020
    Congratulations to base member Giorgia on the clearance of her jawa, "Giowa".
    Make sure to keep a close eye on your droids & valuables.

    #Utinni #WereTheGoodGuys #RebelLegion #rebellegionie
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 08 March 2020
    Today is #InternationalWomensDay & we would like to celebrate the ladies who are members of #RebelLegionie

    #WereTheGoodGuys #RebelLegion #LadiesOfTheLegion.
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 23 February 2020
    One of our jawas was trying to explain to the nice imperial officer that he was simply enquiring about the cost of a droid & wasn't going to steal it.

    Jawas have a really bad name, for some unknown reason.

    #WereTheGoodGuys #RebelLegion #rebellegionie 📸 Victoria Cabanás Córdoba
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 14 February 2020
    From all the rebels of the Ireland base, we wish you a happy Valentine's day.
    #rebellegionie #RebelLegion #WereTheGoodGuys
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 09 February 2020
    Our jawa tries to explain that the blaster was his & the shadow trooper took it from him in the first place.
    We think the imperial trooper didn't believe our denzien.

    #werethegoodguys #rebellegion #rebellegionie #Utinni
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 07 February 2020
    Our jawa was on a secret mission to mingle with the imperial troopers to see if they knew the location of the new rebel base..... and to steal some droid parts.

    #werethegoodguys #RebelLegion #rebellegionie #Utinni

    📸 Victoria Cabaná Cordoba
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 24 January 2020
    Some of our friends from #rebellegionuk getting ready for the blue carpet parade at the recent European premiere of #TheRiseOfSkywalker in London.

    #werethegoodguys #rebellegion #rebellegionie The Rebel Legion UK
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 15 January 2020
    Check out the excellent Daisy Ridley showing off her rapping talents - https://www.facebook.com/FallonTonight/videos/1348057325354129/
    Daisy Ridley Raps a Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies (Episodes I-VIII)
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 11 January 2020
    Great news, citizens of the republic. Our website is now back online.

    Check out http://www.rebellegion.ie to find information on how to join the team or book an appearance for your upcoming community or charity event.

    #werethegoodguys #rebellegion #rebellegionie
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 07 January 2020
    What a brave Jedi. 😬🤣🤣
    The Jedi in Ireland are very brave.
    Rebel Legion Ireland
  • Rebel Legion Ireland 04 January 2020
    Our Chewie would like to wish you all a happy new year. Our rebels & jedi look forward to appearing at community & charity events in the coming months.

    To join the rebel team, check out our forums at http://irelandlegions.com/forums

    #werethegoodguys #rebellegion #rebellegionie #wookie #Chewbacca