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  1. until

    Many thanks Dave... all good and I will aim to be there for 12. Pity you can't make it... was looking forward to eventually meeting up with you!!
  2. until

    Sat 27th is the date.
  3. until

    November 27th please... Kylo or TK... will liaise with Jamie regarding Kylo.
  4. until

    Hope it isn't too late to sign up... I should be able to make it as crew / photographer.... or if possible, TK
  5. until

    Hey Jamie. Hope all is well dude. Just wondering if you would be able to drop me a pm. I have a couple of questions about the Kylo hood. Cheers!
  6. until

    Apologies Dave, and everyone else... but I will have to step down from this event. Work and family commitments have come up, so I can no longer make it. Apologies.
  7. Hey Richard... I can bring my blaster and give you a loan of it, no probs!!
  8. I can crew / take photos if needed
  9. until

    Hi Dave. Would like to sign up for TK on both days, and also if Kylo is cleared, I am happy to do Kylo if Jamie is not in attendance or share if Jamie needs a break etc. Failing either of those, I am happy to do crew / photographer. MTFBWY
  10. until

    A quick coffee / meet up / chinwag / introductions before the troop on Sunday anyone? Maybe Jamie can pick a venue close to the event, and we could meet up beforehand? I'll have been driving for the best part of 3.5 hours so will need a little chill before the event! Maybe around midday, to be finished and at the venue for 1?
  11. until

    I'm good to go for Sunday as Crew / Photographer. Is that still ok?
  12. until

    Hey guys. Unfortunately lockdown weight still hasn't been shed, so I don't think tk gear will fit still. I will try it on later and if not, maybe I could try and attend as crew / photographer? Will confirm with u asap. Cheers.
  13. TK51769 reporting for duty.
  14. TK51769 resporting for duty. I'm on board. Thanks
  15. TK51769 reporting for duty. I'm happy to chat about my TK armour, and have sent the RSVP. Cheers.
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